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Didya Hear About Spike’s Profanity Laden Rant At Sundance?

Didya Hear About Spike's Profanity Laden Rant At Sundance?

Oh that Spike! Can’t live with him, can’t live without him (Or is it can’t live with him, can’t shoot him?)

I’m sure that Tambay will have something to say about this soon; but I got an e-mail this morning from a friend of mine who saw Spike’s latest film, Red Hook Summer at the premiere last night, and he said that he couldn’t wait to tell me about the Q and A that followed the screening, when he got back

Seems that Spike sort of went off the rails with a wild and crazy, profanity-laced rant about the film, Hollywood, Chris Rock and a few other things. But of course you realize that Spike is a professional provocateur. Everything he says is calulated for effect. If you want to read what he said at the Q and A, then go right HERE (But be forwarned that there are plot spoilers).

By the way, the film has been getting mainly mixed or negative reviews so far (though Variety liked it a lot) and it’s geting a lot of people upset, which, no doubt, was intentional on Spike’s part.

And as I said, Tamaby will tell us what he thought of it soon enough. But speaking for myself, you can have Red Tails, this is the film I want to see. If it’s getting people that angry then I really have to see it

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Here's the video—->


Spike needs a public relations handler, or an business associate he trusts to run interference when dealing with the difficulties of Hollywood. Too much time and energy devoted to towards anger at "the business" has diverted his focus from "the creative." Cases in point: Beyonce, Venus & Serena. Their fathers worked behind the scenes, in order to clear very wide swaths through industry b.s. (and there was a lot) allow the talent to lay in the cut, smile pretty, and shine. I believe David Axelrod served the same purpose for President Barack Obama on the campaign trail.


Spike's resentments toward inequality in Hollywood appears to mask what he really wants: personal glory, fame, his "just due" for largely a mixed-baged, but still seminal career as an indie filmmaker artist. I'm pretty sure he would've held his rant had he received a standing "o", a Sundance "Special Jury Award," and the array of accolades and affirmation that every filmmaker, no matter the stage, constantly seek. Instead, he probably experienced shock that the audience wasn't responding — or, according to some reports, were walking out of his film — and just got more and more enraged. You know, when you can't see the truth, just lash out.


The sooner Spike sees Hollywood for what it truly is, the better it will be for his health.


Skipp Coon(of Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick) recorded a powerful track titled "James". He's saying we have enough JJ's, who wants to be a James. Spike Lee is a James, an elder, a veteran, a legendary filmaker. Despite that, he should just sit down and shut up. America won't discuss race, Hollywood cannot so I'm grateful Spike does. Tyler Perry has power within the colonizing, media entity that is Hollywood. Which means he cannot share it. Keep being a James Mr. Lee.

other song

He's on that Brooklyn bullshit


Sorry Spike but you can not keep doing this. The reason why Hollywood has not been jumping to produce one of your films is because they are not good and always about race. First you start shit with Clint Eastwood. Then you start shit with Tyler Perry who has way more power in Hollywood then you do like it or not. Now you going to start shit with Hollywood. You can kiss old Boy goodbuy. Grow up spike. I have respect for you and all but this is getting old.


Yes, I heard and I just want to say; thank you, Spike. I am so tired of the junk Hollywood puts out about people like me, that I'm ready to curse someone out, too. Thank you, Spike.


By the way, yes, I read that Yahoo article about the rant, and here are my thoughts that I posted on IMDB.

I'm a big Spike Lee fan, but that shocked me. He was actually quiet for a while due to him not having made a feature film in a while, but now he is TRULY back in his original form. Like any other black person treated unfairly, he has every right to be angry, but damn, he went over the top this time. I hope this doesn't affect the release date of Red Hook Summer, because I really want to see it, and am anxious to see the plot twist that had people walk out. Truthfully, though, if some non-black movie executives were trying to tell me how to depict my own people, I'd probably be angry as well, but a vitriolic rant is out of the question. Chris Rock pulled the trigger by asking the question, so you would think that Spike would be amused (Don't know if he's a fan or not), but apparently that only brought the anger out of him.

Spike Lee is a significant figure in the black community for different reasons than someone like Charles Burnett, he is truly full of nearly as much anger as Malcolm X at his peak, and from now on, he isn't taking sh!t from Hollywood (I don't think he ever did anyway), so although he's affecting his career in a bad way, he's doing what most other black filmmakers won't, and that's fight back (aka, so I can't be very angry at him even if I want to.


I heard a lot of people walked out halfway, when the "twist" happened.

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