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Drag Ball Musical Featuring Work Of Creative Team Behind Beyonce’s Music/Videos To Screen At Berlin Fest

Drag Ball Musical Featuring Work Of Creative Team Behind Beyonce's Music/Videos To Screen At Berlin Fest

Also screening at the Berlin Film Festival next month is director Sheldon Larry’s indie musical feature Leave It on the Floor, which tells the story of Brad (Ephraim Sykes), a brooding twenty-something who leaves his dysfunctional single mom, Deondra (Metra Dee), to strike out on his own in a bigger city.

A chance encounter with Carter (Andre Myers), an emerging “drag ball” talent, leads Brad into that world, where he meets several colorful characters (including house mother Queef Latina who rules with discipline and love, keeping her “children” focused, and also safe from the homophobia that exists on the outside); they eventually become his new family. Of course, there are complications on this journey towards self-discovery.

But you’ll just have to watch the film to find out the rest of the story…

Directed by Sheldon Larry (primarily a TV director), from a Glenn Gaylord screenplay, music by Kim Burse and choreography by Frank Gatson Jr. (the last 2 being from Beyonce’s creative team, behind all her music and videos), Leave It On The Floor, shot in a documentary style, made its worldwide debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June, in the “Summer Showcase” section, and has been touring the film festival circuit since then, garnering fans and acclaim along the way.

Comparisons to Paris Is Burning are inevitable.

Check out the trailer below:

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I'm confused is Keri Hilson part of the cast? The above picture looks like R&B singer Keri Hilson.


"does for the world of Ball Competitions & gay houses what Birth of a Nation did for the Emancipation Proclamation"

Well damn Bill Johnson tell em how you feel-lmao

yeah as mentioned this film has huge drag queen pumps to fill, even all these years after Paris is Burning which remains one of my favorite docs. Plus PIB had the fantastic theme song as its anthem. This clip sorta looks homemade but of course they can dance their behinds off.

Bill Johnson

Leave it on the Cutting Room Floor !
The new movie musical "Leave It On The Floor" does for the world of Ball Competitions & gay houses what Birth of a Nation did for the Emancipation Proclamation. Both films written, directed & produced by white men seek to portray one dimensional, dysfunctional, shiftless, self destructive African Americans. The men in Leave it on the floor are gay ball dancers in the House of Eminence who are so self loathing they actually except abusive, destructive relationships and sing about those conditions as "Black Love". Leave it on the Floor is a gay black exploitation film. The subject matter as well as the performers are exploited for the benefit or the writer, director and producers. It is highly offensive to African- Americans and Gay African American males specifically. The actors did the best they could with an uninspired script and weak amateurish song writing. Poorly written, filmed, edited & directed.

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