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Eugene Levy, Denise Richards and Romeo Miller To Star In Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection”

Eugene Levy, Denise Richards and Romeo Miller To Star In Tyler Perry's "Madea's Witness Protection"

Tyler Perry‘s next Lionsgate production Madea’s Witness Protection will begin filming next week in Atlanta. Perry opted for an *interesting* and mostly white cast ensemble for this one, with the exception of Romeo Miller (Jumping The Broom), the son of rapper Master P.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is about a man (played by Eugene Levy) “who, after his investment company goes belly up due to embezzling, is put in witness protection with his family, which is forced to move from a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood to Madea’s home in the South.”

Miller is set to play a man who blames Levy’s character for his depleted church investments and seeks revenge. Denise Richards signed on to play Levy’s wife. Besides Levy, Miller and Richards, Doris Roberts, Devan Leos, Tom Arnold, Danielle Campbell, and of course Tyler Perry himself round up the cast.

Madea’s Witness Protection‘s will be produced by Perry along with Paul Hall and Ozzie Areu.

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I don't find the cast for Madea's Witness Protection very interesting. Will support other of Perry's projects instead.


*sings* "Ooooh, If I was taken for a day, And shown another way, Now every child can learn a different thing. See I tried a million times, But I had to change my mind…[so destiny could manifest itself in time]." Tyler Perry inspires me TO BE A FILMMAKER…AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Seriously?! Another Madea movie..Jesus wept


I agree with Darla & Mark. Making movies that portray us in a 'postive light' is not going to change people's attitudes towards black people because first of all, you have to ask yourself: If a movie is ever made that portrays black people in a positive light, who are the people who are mostly likely to see it. Not the ignorant, backwar thinking person who needs to be enlightened. Besides I still don't understand why people are always putting down Tyler Perry (I'm NOT a fan of his movies). But, yet, people on this site praise movies such as Middle of Nowhere in which the husband is in prison, LUV where the character that Common plays is recently released from prison, and the Beast of the Southern Wild which portrays the characters living in poverty and the father is hard drinker. How are these "positive" images?


African American have 99 problems when it comes to dignity, by your assessment Tyler movies is one of the problem however if you take away Tyler movies, 98 problem is left. If you are so concern with black people and dignity, why not take a hose and wash away all the black male crack dealers standing on corner in our neighborhood. Black indie movies are just that movies, I live in the real world not black indie movies. One hundred black indie movies can be made showing black people in a positive light, still won't help me when I walk into a store and every store perceive I am a thief, some of my dignities is I have never stolen anything or seen the inside of a jail cell. So don't put to much stork in black indie movies as a centerpiece to show the world black people have dignities because you are fooling yourself.

carlton jordan

i dare someone to complain that he didnt use a Black lead for this film. you cant have it both ways people!

Adam Scott Thompson





I don't take comedies serious. This is why I cheer Tyler's movies with Madea on. Its all just great fun. Do the damn thing Tyler!

blah, blah

*interesting* is the right word.


Get that money Tyler!

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