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First Look: Kenneth Branagh In Sci-Fi Short ‘Prodigal’

First Look: Kenneth Branagh In Sci-Fi Short 'Prodigal'

Moving up from P.A., assistant or lower-rung pleeb is a long tradition in Hollywood. Say what you will about the industry (and we surely have), but those with ambition and talent generally rise above their station because almost everyone is willing to hear a good idea (especially in a place that’s bereft of creative ideas; new concepts always have currency).

Case in point with Benjamin Grayson. He’s the former assistant of five-time Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh-turned-filmmaker and he’s directed his sophomore short film that includes a bevy of well-known stars. The short features Branagh and it’s called, “Prodigal,” a sci-fi thriller that revolves around a father trying to free his supernaturally gifted daughter from the clutches of a private firm and the paranormal branch of the Government. Above is a first look image of Branagh and Grayson on set.

Industry screenings take place in L.A. this weekend and the short also stars Jennifer Morrison (“Warrior,” “Once Upon A Time“), Travis Crim, Winter Ave Zoli (“Sons of Anarchy“), Taylor Kinney (“Vampire Diaries“) and Jade Pettyjohn (“American Girl,” “The Cape“).

Written by Travis Crim and Grayson, “Prodigal” was produced alongside Trenton Waterson, and Shorts International is negotiating international and online distribution. Hopefully this is something we’ll all be seeing soon and either way it sounds like something worth paying attention to. After all, industry buzz can grow from a murmur to a white hot heat in seconds flat, if something catches on.

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@ANNE LEWIS: That's what she said.

to the group: Hey, this film is showing in Boston on April 14th at the Boston Int'l Film Festival! Woo-Hoo. I'll be there with the Mookie girls.


why people are so high about this (8


There's definitely a buzz about this guy Benjamin Grayson.

Anne Lewis

Don't miss it! I was lucky enough to catch it at a sneak peek preview in Houston and I only wished it was longer…


Very interested. After watching Wallander, I just love Branagh.


Gotta agree with HMM. There's obviously a lot of great ideas bouncing around out there. They just don't have the "marketability" of remaking some film from the 80s or "Reese Witherspoon does something cute for 90 endless minutes".

Linda Seim

Way to go Ben– can't wait to see the film!


"especially in a place that's bereft of creative ideas; new concepts always have currency"

It's not a place "bereft of creative ideas." It's an industry controlled by multinational conglomerates who allocate capital based on which concepts have mass marketability across a global marketplace centered on the teenage consumers who spend the most time and money on leisure activities. There are thousands of great "creative ideas" languishing in turnaround or–more likely–on writers' hard drives because of the logic dictating what development and production money gets spent on what.

I know this was just an offhand comment but…jesus, come on, try and countenance the reality of the world you're writing about. It's endemic in film journalism. Be better than that. Don't write lazily.

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