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French Hit “Intouchables” To Be Released On DVD In March

French Hit "Intouchables" To Be Released On DVD In March

As previously noted, Harvey Weinstein and his Weinstein Company acquired both stateside distribution rights to the original film AND the English-language remake rights. There’s still no word on when/if they plan to release the original film in the USA, or if they purchased stateside distribution rights just so that no one else would release it in the USA, and instead go ahead with their American remake and release that instead as an original movie.

The film has opened in a few European territories (no English-language countries yet – at least according to IMDB and the film’s Facebook page), and if you just can’t wait to find out whether it’ll play in your city, wherever in the world you are, you might find this piece of news of use.

Announced this morning, the French comedy (aka Intouchables or Untouchables) that’s taken France by storn, burning up the historical box office charts and making its co-star Omar Sy a mega-star in that country, will be released on DVD on March 28 of this year – but in France of course, which means Region 2.

Although that shouldn’t be a problem for those with DVD/Blu-ray players that will read discs from just about anywhere in the world – hardware that’s become qiuite ubiquitous these days. 

So, if the film isn’t release in your country (I’m in the US) you might be able to pick up the DVD online (assuming there’s a feature on it that allows you to turn on English subtitles).

Otherwise you’ll either have to go the torrent route (and I hear that the film is *out there*) or wait until a distributor releases it in your area.

As a recap, the film, which is said to be based on a “funny and moving” true story, centers on the relationship between a wealthy white aristocrat who becomes a quadriplegic after a paragliding accident, and the young “street-tough” black man he hires to take care of him.

It stars Omar Sy as our “street-tough” dude, Driss, while François Cluzet (one of France’s movie stars), plays Philippe the rich quadriplegic.

Since initial American awareness of the film, there has been some transcontinental disagreement about it – mostly French and American debates about its depiction of Omar Cy’s character, which I also expressed some concern over when I first wrote about it, and later, after seeing the trailer and several clips from it.

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This movie (with English subtitles) has played at cinemas in the UK under the name Untouchable and will be released on DVD at the end of January Р̤ois-Cluzet/dp/B00A6VGLJM/ref=pd_cp_d_h__0


Hey, Disgusted, get off your high horse. This movie had such a limited release in the US and it's STILL not on DVD, so for anybody who wants to be included in this international love-fest for this supposedly wonderful movie, the only thing we CAN do is to import or torrent, unless the stupid weinstein people will ever get off their asses and distribute the dvd in the USA.


I can't believe that Indiewire felt it would be appropriate to essentially point people in the direction of an illegal download for this film.

With all the issues surrounding piracy you'd think a voice of independent cinema would instead be urging people to NOT download and NOT import the DVD so as to ensure the maximum audience for the film Stateside to ensure foreign lingo fare still gets acquired.

Indiewire I'd strongly request you to remove this story or at least edit out any reference to importing/downloading (and of course if you do so feel free to remove this comment).
As a longtime reader of Indiewire I'm very disappointed at the attitude shown here.

We all know this kind of behaviour exists, but pointing it out so flippantly (basically suggesting that downloading a torrent is not such a big deal) is incredibly irresponsible. There's bound to be at least one person out there whose interest is piqued and googles around. The film loses a bon-fide audience member thanks to Indiewire – just disgusting.

It sounds to me like Tambay took their own advice and downloaded already, otherwise there'd be no reference to torrents in this story whatsoever.

If this comment stays on this story I'll no doubt get bashed for being uptight/out-of-touch/on a moral high-horse as anyone who posts any comment like this on the net has come to expect, but I'd point out in advance to those commenters that they will have no-one but themselves to blame when the Weinsteins and distributors like them give up on importing foreign hits because the core audience has been eroded.

Tambay would no doubt justify this piece by saying 'The Weinstein's may never release it and I'm letting people who may be interested to see it know where they can find it when it's shelved in favour of a remake'. That's utterly ridiculous and borderline ignorant given this is supposedly an outlet for film journalism/commentary from informed sources. Mark my words The Weinstein Company will be pushing this for a foreign language Oscar – possible even major categories – next year. They didn't rush to get it out in the fear of both Intouchables and The Artist cannabilising each others' audience and awards. They acquired the film just prior to Toronto and it didn't premiere until San Sebastian – there also simply wasn't the time to mount an effective release campaign.

Sad, Indiewire, very sad.

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