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‘Horrible Bosses’ To Get A Sequel, Hopefully With Jokes This Time

'Horrible Bosses' To Get A Sequel, Hopefully With Jokes This Time

While everyone likes to trumpet the summer success stories of “The Hangover Part II” and “Bridesmaids,” one other R-rated comedy fared quite well also, though it hasn’t been mentioned as often. “Horrible Bosses” was also a super-sized smash, with the workplace comedy scoring over $200 million worldwide, all on a minimal budget of $35 million. It seems people really like to see bosses getting their commeupance. Well, fans will be happy to know, the trio of Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis will once again face unruly employers as New Line is moving ahead with a sequel.

THR reports that  hot screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (“Burt Wonderstone,” “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2“) have been hired back to pen the screenplay to the followup of their first effort, though obviously, it’s too early for plot details. But we doubt parent company WB will want to rock the boat too much (and if “The Hangover Part II” is anything to go by, they’ll be content to carbon copy the damn thing). But undoubtedly, the project will likely give some high profile actors another chance to play bad, while the hapless buds figure out what to do. And hoping to make the circle complete, New Line is already talking to Seth Gordon to return to the director’s chair (though he’s also tossing around a potential “WarGames” remake at MGM right now as well as a long brewing narrative reamke of “The King Of Kong“).

As a concept, “Horrible Bosses” was great, but as a film, it didn’t quite work. We mostly wish it had gone darker, and we got to spend more time with the bad bosses (Colin Farrell in particular, who was pretty great) but there is still opportunity to improve things a second time around. Either way, the R-rated comedy is the new 3D it seems and without the need for funky glasses.

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You're insane. Horrible Bosses was a genius movie and absolutely hilarious. If you did not find it funny, then you seriously don't understand comedy


lol headline


I agree (great headline): Horrible Bosses was just not funny at all, very irritating characters (Sudekis & Day), so I skip the next one.


WAY too harsh, Horrible Bosses wasn't a great movie but it was funny.


I enjoyed Horrible Bosses for what it was- but yes, the film would have been a far wilder experience if they had actually spent time with the Bosses themselves.

Anywho, I expect them to either repeat the formula (the three guys decide to kill their new bosses- essentially turning them into serial offenders) OR have the three of them as bosses now being marked for murder from their employees.


Are they saying they're going for new high profile actors to play bosses or are they bringing back Spacey and Aniston, even though they can't bring back Farrell?


Well, I disagree. horrible bosses extremely funny, i laughed my ass off. Although, i do agree that i would have liked to have seen more of Farrel's character, who i liked so much.

Ryan Sartor

Right out of the gate, frontrunner for Best Headline of 2012.

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