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IMDb Releases Top 10 of the Last 10 Years Lists

IMDb Releases Top 10 of the Last 10 Years Lists

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of its IMDBPro service, IMDb has released several “Top 10 of the Last 10 Years” lists, compiled from data collected by the site through the last decade.  At the top of lists were familiar names: Johnny Depp won for Most Popular Actor, while “Lost” was named the #1 TV series.  Christopher Nolan had two list-toppers to brag about–“The Dark Knight” won for Top Film, and the most anticipated film currently in production went to “The Dark Knight Rises.”  

See below for the full top 10 lists.

Top 10 Stars of the Last 10 Years*

  1. 1.  Johnny Depp
  2. 2.  Brad Pitt
  3. 3.  Angelina Jolie
  4. 4.  Tom Cruise
  5. 5.  Natalie Portman
  6. 6.  Christian Bale
  7. 7.  Scarlett Johansson
  8. 8.  Jennifer Aniston
  9. 9.  Keira Knightley
  10. 10.  Emma Watson

*Highest average IMDbPro STARmeter ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 Films of the Last 10 Years*

  1. 1.  The Dark Knight
  2. 2.  Donnie Darko
  3. 3.  Pulp Fiction
  4. 4.  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  5. 5.  The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  6. 6.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  7. 7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  8. 8.  Twilight
  9. 9.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  10. 10.  The Godfather

*Highest average IMDbPro MOVIEmeter ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 TV Series of the Last 10 Years*

  1. 1.  Lost
  2. 2.  House M.D.
  3. 3.  Grey’s Anatomy
  4. 4.  Heroes
  5. 5.  How I Met Your Mother
  6. 6.  24
  7. 7.  Glee
  8. 8.  True Blood
  9. 9.  Dexter
  10. 10.  Gossip Girl

*Highest average ranking over the last 10 years.

Top 10 Most Anticipated In-Production Movies*

  1. 1.  The Dark Knight Rises
  2. 2.  Men in Black III
  3. 3.  The Dictator
  4. 4.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  5. 5.  The Expendables 2
  6. 6.  Battleship
  7. 7.  The Avengers
  8. 8.  Rock of Ages
  9. 9.  The Hunger Games
  10. 10.  Prometheus

*Highest average IMDbPRo MOVIEmeter rank of all films currently in production.

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These lists are pretty funny. Substance? Acting skills?Stories? Pop culture needs a blood transfusion. Oh and where are the adults ?


Haha @mac not saying your old but godfather was made in 1974 man, sorry to burst your bubble. And yeah but nowadays i am just happy that twilight isnt number one and godfather is ont the list. My generation 18 yrs old* is very sad in our taste for movies. Another thing a cant get over how extremely loud and incredibly close was nominated for best picture, al brooks was not nommed for best sup actor, like the academy does not pick the greatest movies of the year anymore, they pick the most socially acceptable. Like nowadays joe pesci would not have won for goodfellas because of the cursing and violence. Fuck the academy. They are too worried about their viewers and making money, not about appreciating and recognizing the best films and performances of the year.


I guess, now that I reread the fine print, the Godfather thing makes sense. Now we have a whole new problem. The Godfather is the only movie that wasn't made in the last 10 years to make the list?


Wow! Maybe I'm not as old as I thought! The Godfather was made within the last ten years?

And Twilight on the list? There are a number of people that should be ashamed for many different reasons. Seriously.


I love that The Godfather just barley came in at no. 10……. after Twilight . People are so stupid.

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