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IN THE WORKS: Girl with Dragon Tattoo Sequel Does Not Have a Green Light UPDATED

IN THE WORKS: Girl with Dragon Tattoo Sequel Does Not Have a Green Light UPDATED

Yes, Sony is developing the two sequels to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”–which held better after its weak opening, but will have to struggle to reach $100 million–with the intention of making them. WGA-nominated Steve Zaillian has admitted to getting started on the sequel “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” my favorite of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.  (And he has no intention of enhancing Lisbeth Salander’s breasts.) That’s a sizable investment for Sony: Zaillian doesn’t come cheap.

But David Fincher is not on board: no director is. Therefore, in Hollywood parlance, with no approved script and no director, you can suggest that “The Girl Who Played with Fire” is going forward, but by no means does it have a green light. Sony’s Amy Pascal can always pull the plug if the movie doesn’t get to $100 million domestic, or disappoints overseas. The studio doesn’t yet know those numbers.

UPDATE: But with Fincher’s surprise DGA nomination and signs of strength in the awards derby, a sequel to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” looks more likely than ever. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are on board but Fincher may not return. ThePlaylist reports that it’s doubtful: Fincher plans to shoot “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” by the end of 2012, and “Fire” is slated for Christmas 2013. And don’t forget Fincher’s “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie.  Here’s more.

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According to the linked-to page, the breast implants the character has was in the first book, thus was already removed from the film! Haven't seen the films yet, but the 2nd of the original 'foreign' films has the lowest rating of the 3 on IMDb…Therefore, should we be reading the stuff here, the writer seems confused. :s


Have you been monitoring the gross progress on BoxOfficeMojo? It's gonna turn a profit domestically, and it's going to make a ton worldwide as well, hasn't even opened in Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Central and South America, and many many, dozens of other places it will end up in eventually. It's already made $110mil (so $20m over the $90m budget), from box office receipts alone, with much more yet to come, and oh yeah… we haven't even begun thinking about the killing it'll make on DVD sales, like Kevin Smith once talked about, all films make their money back and then some on DVD's alone anyway.

It would be stupid for Sony NOT to make the other two at this point. I'd love to see Fincher return, and I think he feels some kinship and connection to Rooney… but as long as Mara & Zaillian are attached, I'm there. ESPECIALLY if the Deadline report was true and Sony & Z. are reworking the scripts to have more Lisbeth anyway, she's obviously the best part and Swedish films or being faithful to the novels be damned… give the people what that want – more Rooney as Salander!


we didn't expect Swedish version then we compare Hollywood remake with it always. so we have no need to anticipate then we are not gonna be dissapointed.


Yeah, I agree with you both.

JB Milz

Yes. I haven't even read the books yet but the story of the first film was phenomenal. The entire trilogy gets down or it's a marr on Sony's name for eternity.


it would be a major embarrassment if they don't make the entire trilogy. really, they have to continue

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