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Is A Drug Kingpin Wives Reality Show Coming To TV?

Is A Drug Kingpin Wives Reality Show Coming To TV?

C’mon In your heart of hearts you just knew this was eventually going to happen didn’t you? Shooting has already started on a TV pilot for a potential reality series chronicling the messed up lives of the wives of drug kingpins currently serving time in the big house.

The show will focus on the spouses of the former heads of the infamous Black Family Mafia which was based in Detroit and run by Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory who is now serving a 30-year sentence.

Among the cast members, according to the synopsis, for the show are:

  • Tonesa Welch, who calls herself the “First Lady of BMF,” appears to be the Shaunie O’Neal of this whole venture of the BMF story.
  • Gricelda Chavez who was involved with music producer Damon Thomas (incidentally, although not as famous as Kris Humphries, he is also a Kim Kardashian divorcee). Damon was a player in a BMF money-laundering scheme involving jewelry purchases and, when confronted with the evidence, agreed to cooperate with the government as a witness against Terry.
  • Lisa Bulford’s man “PJ” was a high-ranking BMF affiliate,
  • Tiffany Gloster and her man Jerry “J Rock” Davis were both indicted by the DEA on BMF-related charges in 2007. Tiffany served a two year sentence for her part in helping to launder the proceeds from J Rock’s cocaine sales. J Rock is currently serving a sentence of 39 years and 10 months in prison.

Though no cable channel as yet has picked up the pilot, the production company which is making the show, Strange Fruit Media, has produced several past shows for BET. So the idea is to pitch it first to the network before moving on to other networks.

Personally I think the Oprah Winfrey Network should pick it up. It’s a slam dunk!

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Miles Ellison

And the reality blackface rampage continues……….


Please……….this *SHT is gonna make Love & Hip Hop look like Living Single


I don't watch any of these "reality" minstrel shows. It's ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Yet, it will do well. Why, because you got folk who claim they want less stereotypical crap on tv but then say they STILL watch these "wives" shows because it's a "guilty pleasure." Which makes no damn sense. If you get pleasure from feeling guilty you are a sick f#%$ not to mention a hypocrite and part of the problem.


Sure there is Jersey Shore, Mob Wives etc. but why do we or should we lower ourselves to make a buck that way, why can't we create quality, like I said go ahead and justify this show but it does not at all do any thing good for us as Black people to glorify a show like this or to rush it into production. Brother Malcom use to say all the time that there are certain things we don't want other folk privy to. There are so many other projects we should push forward want to see move forward things are done in good taste. Take my word for it this show ill be interpeted the wrong way by Millions as a slanted view of us and what we feel is correct on and off the screen


Um, I'm not sure why people are taking this as somehow denoting that we as blacks aren't producing quality TV programming since the creators of this show almost certainly got the idea from the hit show "Mob Wives" about a bunch of Italian women…

All the other "____wives" shows set up an opening for a show just like this. LeonRaymond says "Black folks aren't worth anything south of a garbage can" yet on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", there's a cast member who along with her broke who husband cheated many people out of their life savings. And when her husband was exposed she decided to divorce him and he killed himself blaming the "Real Housewives" series, yet the cast member says she hopes she'll be back next season and has no intention of leaving– after all, they're paying her a lot of money. Since when have morality and reality TV had any relation to each other? These are the times we're living in.


Even more annoying is when you know talented, creative people who are showing a different side of us in an entertaining format, and they don't get anywhere near this shine. Great production, and attractive, educated Black women as hosts and they're told all kinds of wait and see ish. Meanwhile these hoodrat bitches get the spotlight and ita, drama seeking negroes will eat this mess up. Glad I nixed cable years ago.


This is so sad, I guess standing for nothing, not understanding quality, having no moral fiber is a part of being Black as folks are justifying the reasons this show should go ahead and should be a hit. Wow this is indeed the low point and my small circle of Black folk that say to me to truly remove my self from the Black film industry cause it nothing more than suicidal , I see they truly have a strong point. !!! where is the outrage,!



Actually I thought a reality show about the antics of athletes stars' mothers would be the next degradation: 22 year old baller's mother dates his teammates (cuz she's only 34), gets drunk at the club, rips into his girlfriend/wife/mistress, and such.


Let's be honest, this is gonna be a hit show. Look how successful "Mob Wives" on vh-1 is. *shrug* Truth is, most scripted television is just AWFUL and lacking diversity as well as creativity now so it's easy for these reality shows to grab fans.


C'mon In your heart of hearts you just knew this was eventually going to happen didn't you?

Actually I thought a series about black womenon welfare would air first. If this gets picked up and is a hit-we can't complain anymore.


This must be in preparation for the feature film on Flenory and the BMF that's in development. It was supposed to start shooting early in 2012. And now that I'm reminded of it, I'll go see if I can find out if anything has happened since the initial announcement several months back.


Enough is enough….WHY?

other song

who else thinks they're Big Meech? Larry Hoover?


God help us, if this gets picked up it will totally support my case that Black folk are not about anything worth South of a Garbage Can! This is all we have to offer to Networks The Glorification of the drug life? if it was a film I might be okay with it cause then it would actors doing it and it would be dramatic -but this would be real and you know how these women are going to come off and this will beamed all over the world!!!! But hey readers , please go ahead and applaud this and make my case about Black folk !!!!

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