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Legacy Media Institute Filmmakers Workshop in London Set To Begin

Legacy Media Institute Filmmakers Workshop in London Set To Begin

We have a lot of readers in the U.K. so this will be no doubt be of interest to them.

The big news is that Tim Reid’s Legacy Media Intitiute Filmmakers Workshop will launch its LMI Workshop in London in March 5-17th.

According to the offical press release from Nadia Denton who wrote the The Black British Filmmakers Guide to Success:

The Legacy Media Institute (LMI) is based in Virginia, USA. Built on the same model as Robert Redford’s Sundance, the LMI is a support system for diverse, independent film artists with a state-of-the-art facility providing training in filmmaking, business and media production.


For the past three years, I have been working with Tim Reid and made arrangements for 2 UK based and 1 Nigerian filmmaker to attend the LMI under scholarship. This has been so successful that Tim Reid has decided to extend the workshop to the UK. Tim would like to bring about more interaction amongst filmmakers of African descent globally.


In conjunction with the British Film Institute (BFI Southbank), Tim will host a two week masterclass (5th – 17th March) for 12 black British Filmmakers covering practical and strategic aspects of filmmaking. Attendees will be coached by a number of experienced facilitators, most of whom will travel from the US to participate.

For more information about the UK workshop and how you can get involved, go HERE

h/t to EC Forde

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caroline qwen

I need this like yesterday, but dont ve much time to prepare travel…. I have my script but would like to know more about budget and/ packaging my work to attract producers. I live in Kenya

Stacey Muhammad

This is WONDERFUL! I'm hoping to see so much more attention around the work that Tim is doing with Legacy Media Institute. His studio, New Millenium Studios is absolutely beautiful. Hoping that those of us who know about it and have had the opportunity to visit, will pass the word. Thanks for this great write up on Tim.

Thomas Rideout

I worked with Tim during his days at Univerrsal Television when he was on "Simon and Simon"
he is a class individual, I wish he had something here in LV or the west coast.

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