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Lenora Crichlow To Return For Fourth Series Of BBC’s “Being Human”

Lenora Crichlow To Return For Fourth Series Of BBC's "Being Human"

Despite the revelation that several key actors from the first three series of BBC’s supernatural-dramedy Being Human will no longer appear on the program, fans of the show should be pleased to know that Lenora Crichlow, who plays ghost Annie, is not one of them.

For some reason, an exact air date hasn’t been announced, or isn’t readily available.  However, Being Human will reportedly return to airwaves sometime near the end of January.  We’ll let you know when we get further details.

For those of you who need to catch up, the first three series of Being Human, which follows the day-to-day lives of a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf in England, are available on DVD and through most streaming services in both the U.K. and U.S.

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I hope they give Crichlow more of a storyline this series. She shines, but they haven't really given her character much to do. I do hope that annoying Nina is leaving (ugh…oh wait, Wikipedia says she didn't film any episodes for Series 4 : ). I miss the camaraderie of the trio in Series 1 – which was the heart of the show – and hope that Turner & Tovey come back at some point (apparently, Tovey is in Series 4, but won't be returning afterwards). I will definitely give it a look, but after the disappointment of Series 3, I'm not as excited about it. I hope Toby Whitehouse wrote more of this series & that he got rid of whoever he allowed to screw up the last one. As far as the US remake goes, I watched the first few episodes, but it just…wasn't. The only character remotely interesting was the vampire, Aidan.


I've always felt the BBC show was far superior to the American knock-off; Crichlow was the main reason. I don't know how the show will be without two of the key actors replaced, but it cannot be nearly as mediocre as Being Human-American style.


The show went completely off the rails last season and it was sooo disappointing. To top that off, they killed off Mitchell. :( It was on my must-watch list. I'll give the revamped version a chance, though.


Not a lot of comic relief going on there. (love the way George is on the way out of the frame) I think originally Lenora's character was supposed to be the window for the audience.

But… they preferred screaming & brooding. Which is fine, just curious to know where they're going to take it without the show's more colourful characters. Hope to see her her becoming more proactive perhaps.

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