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Martin Lawrence Juggling Two Potential New Series For CBS

Martin Lawrence Juggling Two Potential New Series For CBS

Martin Lawrence and CBS are developing 2 projects for the actor/comedian, with Bernie Mac creator and The Daily Show contributor Larry Wilmore behind one of the shows, and the other from Rules of Engagement creator Tom Hertz and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company.

In the Wilmore-created series, Marty Mar would play “a single man who becomes (along with his sister) a foster parent to several children.

And in Hertz’s script, Mr Lawrence would star as “a family man trying to keep his kids grounded while facing off with his wealthy in-laws.

Neither of this is a definite “go” yet, but it’s being reported that CBS will pick one of them soon, after everyone involved has had time to “digest the 2 scripts,” says TV Guide.

I should mention that last summer, it was announecd that Lawrence was “deep into negotiations” with CBS to return to the small screen and star in a comedy series of his choosing. He was to also executive produce the new show; though no further details were available at that time. So I suppose today’s news is just a continuation of that. 

Marty Mar has been a little quiet lately hasn’t he, despite last year’s Big Momma’s House threequel (the lowest-grossing of all the films in that franchise, which should hopefully help bury it permanently). He’s been active behind the scenes though, producing 2 TV series, neither he starred in however. So whichever of these 2 new CBS series gets the greenlight will mark his return to TV-dom since his hit show Martin went off the air in 1997 (damn, it’s been awhile).

And if I recall, there have been rumors of a potential Bad Boys threequel as well.

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S.L. McLean

Please select the premise of him being the family man with the wealthy in-laws. That would be perfect because, it would kind of pick up from the Martin series. Gina's parents were upper middle class so this would fall right into line. Millions have missed Martin on the small screen. I mwan just look at how GREAT the Martin re-runs are doing on TV One. People are aching for his return! Trust me! The family guy story line will have more layers of development.


I'd suggest a merging of the two concepts.
"Divorced man spars with his irresponsible, yet wealthy ex-wife to keep custody of his foster children."
And just let Martin do his thing with the rest.


Martin is one of my favorite 90's sitcoms, but Martin Lawrence isn't the comedian he once was, so it'll be a miracle if he's able to make a big comeback impression.


Martin Lawrence was an ace comedic force on television in the 1990s. He helped to jump-start many careers. No more Big Momma. No more Bad Boys (Will Smith don't wanna). Maybe he could finish what Eddie Murphy attempted–production of a comedy film featuring a cast of the finest–Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Craig Robinson, etc. For the two productions already under consideration, I'd also choose the second (Hertz's) because the wealthy in-law characters create an opportunity for conflict and comedic one-liners.


I would love to see Marty Mar back on the small screen, but both concepts sound very 'been there, done that'. If those are the only options though, I would choose the latter.

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