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Matthew Lillard’s Comeback Continues, Joins Clint Eastwood & Amy Adams In ‘Trouble With The Curve’

Matthew Lillard's Comeback Continues, Joins Clint Eastwood & Amy Adams In 'Trouble With The Curve'

While we, or at least this writer, had a number of problems with “The Descendants,” the actors were not one of them. From leads George Clooney and Shailene Woodley to brief supporting roles from the likes of Judy Greer, Robert Forster and Rob Huebel, everyone pretty much brought their A-game, and no performance in the film was more surprising than that of Matthew Lilllard. The actor, who broke out in “Scream” before going on to play Shaggy in the two “Scooby Doo” movies, had been absent from the big screen for nearly five years, but gave a terrific little performance in a key role, one very different from the kind of part he’d played in the past.

While he hasn’t been mentioned in the awards chatter around the film, the acclaim has undoubtedly given him a boost, and it looks like the comeback is being cemented, as the actor has just signed on to co-star with a screen legend in his next film. EW report that Lillard has joined Clint Eastwood, in the veteran’s first on-screen role since “Gran Torino,” in the drama “Trouble With The Curve.” Penned by newcomer Randy Brown, and directed by Eastwood’s producing partner Robert Lorenz in his directorial debut, the movie sees Eastwood play a veteran baseball scout losing his sight, who heads to Atlanta to check out a hot prospect accompanied by his daughter (who, after Sandra Bullock passed on the project, will be played by Amy Adams).

Lillard will play another baseball scout, although whether he’s a colleague or rival of Eastwood’s character isn’t yet clear. He’s not the only new addition either; The Wrap report that newcomer Joe Massingill, a young actor with a handful of TV credits to his name, most notably an episode of “Glee,” is being an eyed for the project too — perhaps as the subject of the scout’s attentions? Filming will get underway in March, so we imagine it’ll become clearer before then.

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matthew lillard is very talented! loved him in scooby doo!!!!

Anon Ymus

—Business as 'USE–YOU–ALL' as Hollywood continues to
BALK and RUN form the awesomely relevant –20th –30th
–40th –50th and now 60th Anniversary of the

————————KOREAN WAR————————

More disturbign is that Eastwood himself is a Korea era draftee
who NEVER went. Beyond this, he's been delivering a whole
string of skilfully demoralizing, 'EUGENICS friendly' POST
American works —for decades.

BEWARE the whispery cowboy.

This commenter

"While we, or at least this writer"

…seriously, would it kill you to just say "I?" worst sentence ever :-)

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