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Meet Over 50 of the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers on Indiewire

Meet Over 50 of the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers on Indiewire

Every year, Indiewire is the place to get to know the Sundance filmmakers ahead of the festival. And today we’re launching the 2012 batch of filmmaker profiles — about four each day, all the way up to the opening day on January 19.

Indiewire invited directors with films in the U.S. Dramatic, U.S. Documentary, World Dramatic, World Documentary and NEXT competitions to take part by submitting responses to a series of questions in their own words. This year, we’ll publish the responses from more than 50 filmmakers.

Keep checking here every day up to the launch for the latest profiles.


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Bruce Spencer

Will You Be My Baby Daddy?

(A TV Reality Show © 2011 Bruce Spencer)
(212) 714-8298


This weekly hour reality show displays the charisma of 12 handsome men, aged 25-45, who are auditioning and competing for the honor of supplying their sperm to an attractive lady who wishes to become pregnant. But without the formality of a relationship that leads to marriage. The show is offering $100,000 for a lucky finalist willing to impregnate her, because this woman desires a baby with no strings attached. And millions of viewers can help choose the winner!

The setting will be a luxury hotel resort where an entire cast lives and communicates with one another. During the taping, over a one-month period, various mind games are played, along with sports, the candidates describe themselves, discuss the moral and legal issues, and each man spends one-on-one time with the woman who asks: WILL YOU BE MY BABY DADDY?.

Every week one contestant is eliminated, announced by a hostess, who performs with her BFF seeking a charismatic, talented and intelligent sperm donor. The remaining men continue on WILL YOU BE MY BABY DADDY? until ten are dismissed. Then, the final two appear on the last show, with voting by viewers, to determine which one wins the right to offer his sperm and receive $100,000.

Auditions for WILL YOU BE MY BABY DADDY?, in New York City, are bound to attract hundreds of men anxious to become the singular sperm donor. This event is newsworthy and guarantees high ratings for a controversial new reality television program. Selected men will have an initial audition on video tape. All others file their resumes and photos. A final audition determines the 12 lucky ones.

WILL YOU BE MY BABY DADDY? Is going to be discussed and debated on the Internet and around every office water cooler in America. Why? Because of the moral, legal and financial ramifications. Religious leaders and morality groups will lead the parade of consenters and dissenters over the moral implications. Columnists, and even cartoonists, will have a field day commenting on the monetary aspects leading to recordings, books, films and stage plays. Thus, enormous word-of-mouth interest in viewing this program.

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