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Megan Ellison One-Ups Sly Stallone, Guarantees An R-Rating For Next ‘Terminator’ Film

Megan Ellison One-Ups Sly Stallone, Guarantees An R-Rating For Next 'Terminator' Film

Let’s face it. Even if you weren’t a fan of the first “Expendables” film, the normally fan-friendly Sylvester Stallone spit in the face of his fans, declaringExpendables 2” a PG-13 affair, putting commerce before…we don’t want to say art, but integrity sure fits. In a media age where there are entire blocks of channels dedicated to 24/7 children’s, tween and teen programming, surely there was space for another R-rated action film. Action films provide thrills for all ages, but explosions, violence, and teeth-shattering carnage are best appreciated by adults that have lived a little, that have been places, garnered accomplishments. Perhaps those who are over seventeen. Megan Ellison knows what we’re talking about.

The enterprising young head of Annapurna Pictures, who snapped up the rights to “The Terminator” last May, is hard at work developing another two films in the series for Arnold Schwarzenegger to star, even after director Justin Lin departed. And while there’s been no recent movement as of yet, Ellison took to Twitter (via Movieweb) to answer a query from the fans at The Terminator Fans, themselves wary over a situation similar to the recent “Expendables” rating donnybrook. “We can’t really tell you guys anything about ‘Terminator 5,'” she tweets. “But it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.”

Whereas Stallone couldn’t wait until after shooting ending before announcing the downgrading of the “Expendables” sequel, Ellison confirms before a foot of film is shot that the next film in the killer robot saga won’t compromise. You’ll recall the violent “Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines” carried an R-rating but McG‘s ill-advised Saturday morning-ready “Terminator Salvation” carried a PG-13, with a fabricated kerfuffle over Moon Bloodgood‘s bare breasts being the separated line between ratings, as if McG and the studios weren’t total whores for the MPAA. Both films were the very definition of forgettable, and Ellison will be damned to let that happen again.

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Thanks guys, we've made the correction.


Get your facts straight. "Terminator 3" was rated R.

Megan doesn't impress me

I think bloggers like you give Megan Ellison way too much credit for stuff. After all, she really hasn't done ANYTHING of note yet in her life except finance a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. If she didn't have a mega-loaded Daddy would she even be able to do that?

Jay Peso

Chuck Norris doesn't have to curse, but everybody else can. Chuck Norris in a rated R movie would've made a killing just because he's Chuck Norris. As a grown adult, I want the option to see a rated R movie. It's what I grew up on. Now horror films are rated PG and sh!t.


Terminator 3 was actually R Rated, let's get the facts straight here first and foremost. And while it may not have anything on the first two Terminators, it was leagues above the garabge that McG put out. Any film in the Terminator franchise deserves a top tier director that has a full name.


The irony is an R rated Expendables 2 would still make a big profit, but thats not enough, the greedy gits want a huge profit.


Stallone agreed to make te Expendables 2 PG-13 because he wanted Chuck Norris and Norris didn't want cursing, not as a sell out, the first one was one plenty successful.

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