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New Line Cinema’s “Police Academy” Remake Gets A Director

New Line Cinema's "Police Academy" Remake Gets A Director

It’s been almost 2 years since this remake/revival/reimagining/re-whatever you want to call it, was first announced.

Back in early 2010, New Line Cinema was said to be looking for recruits to relaunch the Police Academy franchise movie, with original producer Paul Maslansky back for the encore, which had no writer or director attached at the time.

Fast-forward to today… a new announcement says that New Line Cinema is still in the mix, hiring Scott Zabielski to direct the remake.

Who’s Scott Zabielski? Well, one thing he will be doing is making his feature directorial debut with this project, after directing episodes of hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0 (never watched it). Deadline also notes that he once served as a reserve pollie officer in West Hollywood, so he has some experience with a real-life police academy.

The original Police Academy movie spawned 6 sequels from Warner Bros. All told, the franchise took in about $240 million worldwide and inspired a pair of TV series.

But this isn’t another sequel, it’s a brand new take on the low-brow comedy.

The series, released in the 80s and early 90s, actually had 3 African American characters in the starring ensemble cast – Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, and Marion Ramsey. Might the relaunch feature the same group of misfit recruits? That remains to be seen. But if it does, then who can we expect to be cast in the above 3 black roles?

Here’s a trailer for the very first movie in the series:

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Who would they replace the three black leads with, I wonder? If indeed they do so at all?

Police Academy is classic for me. Just nuts and crazy 80s comedy that I got in trouble for watching. LOL. I don't know that the kind of "magic" the franchise has can be recreated. It's hit or miss with most.


What a waste. The series should've ended after the first.


"then who can we expect to be cast in the above 3 black roles?" Nope see 21 Jump Street reboot.

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