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New Look At Chris Hemsworth With All 8 Dwarves In ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’

New Look At Chris Hemsworth With All 8 Dwarves In 'Snow White & The Huntsman'

It seems Universal is going for the full blanket, four quadrant marketing approach for “Snow White And The Huntsmen.” While Charlize Theron‘s movie tie-in appearance on “Top Chef” ensures that older, high faultin’ foodie types are aware of what the movie is, the studio has been going full throttle on Facebook to keep fan interest stoked.

Less than a week after we got up close and personal with Kristen Stewart, a new image has landed on Facebook of her co-star Chris Hemsworth in the film, along with the eight dwarves (yes, eight) that round out the the rag tag crew in this updated tale. Yes, they are all there, even if you have to squint and a couple, you can only see the top of their heads. There is also another new-ish pic of Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen who initially hires the huntsman to kill her daughter, but winds up squaring off against the both of them.

Anyway, drink them in. “Snow White And The Huntsmen” lands on June 1st.

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Chris Hemsworth is great, charismatic and awesome. He is one of the new generation of action stars we have been starving for. Now Hollywood just needs to discover 10 more like him and we'll be all set for this generation. Hemsworth has Bruce Willis' ability to walk that line of comedy and intense action.


Snow White is NOT the evil queen's daughter……she is just someone in the kingdom "more beautiful" than the evil queen


This movie looks awesome… if only for Charlize. I hope K. Stew gets only like 15 minutes of screen time max.


As we learned last week on Once Upon a Time there were originally 8 dwarves, the 8th being "Stealthy" who is killed by the Evil Queen, so 8 dwarves here doesn't bother me.


Dwarfs not dwarves. Dwarves are a made up mythological race in Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons and such. These are dwarfs.

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