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New Poster For “Safe House” (Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds)

New Poster For "Safe House" (Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds)

And I still don’t really care for it (I didn’t care for the first official poster either). This poster (nor the first one) would not get me in a theater to see the film, so thank goodness for trailers (I loved the trailer).

Quickie recap… Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the thriller Safe House , in which Ryan plays a CIA agent who must protect a rogue ex-agent (Washington) from assassins.

The film, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is expected to be in theaters next month.

Poster immediately below, and if you haven’t seen the trailer, watch the madness unfold underneath:

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Denzel is 'Training Day' badd azz in this trailer. As a woman I don't like to see D with a gun.. that's all I'm sayin.. when he's ready, I got a great screenplay for him. That's all I'm sayin.
peace, Much Success to the Cast in this one.. and another Oscar for D please!

P.S. First Black Bond? I'm sure London had one somewhere. Personally, I want to see Denzel in classy roles, showing his intelligence and protecting the innocent, he's my hero. Let's step it up D! Just because you're youth was rough doesn't mean you have to only get those roles. Get rid of the gun roles.. that's old stuff.


@Orville: I agree with the second, third, fourth, and fifth chances being afforded Ryan Reynolds. His presence certainly did nothing for Blade 3 except maybe help to bury what started out as a great film series. Denzel is a powerful force on film who tends to dwarf and overshadow lesser players in scenes with him. Jodie Foster (Inside Man) is one of very few people who's shown herself able to maintain her presence in a scene with Denzel.


I am a huge Denzel fan and would love to work with him as as aspiring filmmaker and I really don't like this poster.. it has hidden sexual subtlties and If I was in Denzel's camp, I would not let them use this poster.. ask any photographer and they should see what I see. Lining the D's lips up with the crouch of the man in the pick.. I don't like it.. take it down.. it looks amatuer at best offensive at worse. They seem to trying to broaden the demographic but this is tacky in my opinion.


I agree. Ryan needs a step up with his acting career but I have seen fantastic actors way better in scene's with Mr. Washington and nothing happen for them, the nature of showbiz is unforgiving. Maybe Reynolds need to switch agents. Ha! Anyway I hope the film is really Good, I am a Washington fan. I am a Bigger fan of a good plot and Story.


I think it is sad that Hollywood thinks Denzel needs Ryan Reynolds to have a hit movie. Ryan hasn't had a hit in years. Green Lantern was a huge bomb and the other movie he made with Jason Bateman was also a big bomb last summer.


Not surprisingly, their giant profiles dwarfs the setting for the film. We know of course that South Africa with its infrastructure and non-unionized crews serve as a stand in for tons of locations. Also, the film was shot mainly in Cape Town, but that's part of Johannesburg's skyline–about half a day's driving away–in the poster.

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