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Oprah Admits Things Haven’t Gone As Planned On OWN

Oprah Admits Things Haven't Gone As Planned On OWN

O.K. so obviously this isn’t the most important news story of the day and it doesn’t reveal anything that anyone doesn’t know already, but, for the record, Oprah Winfrey admitted, in an interview yesterday, that things haven’t gone as well as she hoped for her network OWN.

Talking about the network, which celebrated its first anniversary yesterday, she said that: “Yes some mistakes were made. Who hasn’t made mistakes? The real beauty is you can say, ‘I learned from that’ ” 

But she’s a fighter as well: “I don’t give up. I’m just getting started.” 

According to the interview Oprah blamed most of the network’s struggles on a lack of a programming library for the many hours of airtime on OWN not filled with original programming: “I don’t understand what anybody was thinking. You’re going on the air, you’ve got four shows. What do you think you’re going to do by Tuesday?”

However she does have a plan if the whole network thing doesn’t work: “I’m going to go into organic farming in Maui. I’m not kidding”

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Hopefully, Oprah can get things sorted out and OWN will succeed. But I must say, I'm really surprised at the lack of planning and expertise. The team she assembled didn't know they would need a "programming library" to fill all the other hours? Isn't that basic television programming knowledge?

Maybe she rushed into this because she wanted to have something to go to after she ended her talk show. IDK.

But there are plenty of scripts out there looking for a home.

ojie king

Oprah please leave this TV biz and come to film. We need your money and your clout!!!


Belafonte-Cosby-Carroll-Angelou-Duke-Eddie-Beyonce-Gordy-Arsenio ETC/Etc….& Quincy! "Now is The Time"!
IAMPASBC(Sir Noble Prince


Oprah should have bought the right to air All My Children & One Life to Live. Both shows averaged 2.5 million viewers. OWN is lucky to get 200K viewers.

All OWN offers is reality TV. Why not air some scripted programs? Follow the BBC's example and create shows with only 6 to 8 episodes. Hire some soap opera executive who can create an hour scripted program at $160,000 an episode.


"I don't give up. I'm just getting started." -Oprah

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