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Oscar Talk: What Do Recent Guild Nominees Tell Us About Oscar Race?

Oscar Talk: What Do Recent Guild Nominees Tell Us About Oscar Race?

In this week’s Oscar Talk, Kris Tapley and I pore over the latest Guild nominations from the producers, writers and art directors. What do we decide? Maybe Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse” is weaker than we once thought, and David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is stronger. Does oft-ignored critics’ fave “The Tree of Life” still have an Academy shot? And we continue to debate Oscar prospects for sturdy comedy contender “Bridesmaids.” It’s popular, but will it go all the way?

And we make our fearless Directors Guild predictions–which may still not be the same as the final Oscar five. We’ll see how we did next week.

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John Patrick Shanley directed four nominated performances for Doubt, but was not himself nominated. (That year had 5 BP slots – had there been more, Doubt likely would have made it, but no director nomination).
Aiding Taylor is that directors are nominated by film title, not director, making it slightly less a reputation vote. Hurting him is that my guess is the film is held is less high regard by directors than other members.


I’m pretty sure Tate Taylor will follow the same path like David O. Russell last year. He’s going to be nominated because he directed 3 nominated performances by 3 of his actresses. No film this year has that many nominated performances.

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