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Paul Haggis To Direct Political Drama ‘Paris’

Paul Haggis To Direct Political Drama 'Paris'

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Paul Haggis. He spent most of 2011 under the radar, with his name only popping up in connection with a potential franchise over at Universal based on the spy books by Daniel Silva. But it looks like Haggis’ next paying gig is coming from his native land in the true north strong and free.

Astral Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund in Canada has awarded “script financing” to “Paris,” a political drama that Haggis will direct. And that’s it. No plot details at all, but with the announcment comes word that the relatively unknown Dawn Kuisma will pen the script. So really, just toss this in the growing pile of Stuff That Paul Haggis Might Do Next that includes a redo of the Spanish genre hit “Cell 211” as well as his brewing international romance, “Third Person.” Since “Paris” is at the script stage, we presume Haggis will fit something else in between.

Haggis hasn’t quite had a fun ride after “Crash,” with “In The Valley Of Elah” not getting the recognition it deserved and the thriller “The Next Three Days” pretty much flatlining with both critics and audiences. Here’s hoping he comes back swinging with something soon, though a political drama (perhaps with some Euro flavor?) does sound promising. [THR]

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Haggis is an accomplished writer worthy of award. Crash was brilliant in many aspects..and so is alot of Haggis work. Not everybody shares the same sentiment in life and movie reviews….however due diligence, a stellar resume and a genuine selfless concern for the less fortunate certainly deserves adoration. (see Haggis on Haiti) People should make note of merit and the more important things in life. Artists for Peace and Justice


nothing related with what's Paris about


On Haggis: He is the "creator" of Walker: Texas Ranger. does anything else need be said?


Change "not getting the recognition it deserved" to "being recognized for the ridiculously on-the-nose piece of cinema designed with the sole purpose of emotionally manipulating Academy members" and this post is perfect. Seriously, the upside-down flag ending is one of the most groan-worthy cinematic scenes of the last decade. Haggis is a good writer when he's focused on genre material but when it comes to making message movies he's unbearable.


I liked In The Valley Of Elah, even if it was a little — how you call it? — "on the nose"?

Crash, on the other hand.. I hated that piece of crap

Haven't seen The Next Three Days yet.. someday, maybe

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