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President Obama Will Reportedly Host “Red Tails” Cast At Weekend White House Screening

President Obama Will Reportedly Host "Red Tails" Cast At Weekend White House Screening

According to the New York Post, actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. has revealed that he and some of his Red Tails co-stars, including Terrance Howard, will be in attendance at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. when their film is screened for the First Family tomorrow.

The Post also reported that the “White House has requested a print of the Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady for a screening. Star Meryl Streep is up for best actress at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.”

For those of you who have already seen the film, what do you think will happen– will the Obamas love Red Tails?  Or will Gooding, Jr., Howard, and the rest of the Red Tails cast be labeled persona non grata at the White House after this screening?

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Just got back from seeing the movie "RED TAILS" and I must say…THAT IS A GREAT MOVIE!
My 12 year old grandson went to see the movie with his dad and he was so excited because he was able to meet one of the airman (in person) right after the movie. He can't stop talking about it. That movie should be nominated for a Grammy for sure.


Blah blah blah, showcasing "strong black men" etc etc. As if! There is a plethora of black men in movies. Name one major black actress even remotely on the same level as a Will Smith. Or who gets the roles of an Idris Elba. I'm OVER this heavily promoted misconception that black girls need to support all things "Black" even though we are constantly being left out of the equation.
@Marv yes we do understand the importance film have on one's psyche. And what do you think it tells my pysche as a black girl that the One little miniscule role someone like me 'could' have had in this film is given to a white person instead. Kick rocks with that.


Cant wait for this film, I know it's been a passion of George Lucas for a while!!!! Saw "the iron lady" "just give meryl Streep the oscar now!!!!


I'm extremely biased about this film and any film celebrating amazing black men! I am a
Tuskegee grad with a long family history rooted in Tuskegee and I grew up closely with several original Tuskegee Airmen. I don't think their true stories can ever be told enough and celebrated enough. I don't really understand when current generations have no insight into how their current lives and freedoms are the direct result of sacrifices by amazing men like the Tuskegee Airmen. Plus the fact that on a forum like this… do we not realize the impact and power of film and images to ones psyche? Just taking a young black male child to a film like this that depicts strong, intelligent, hard working, successful, against-all-odds black heroes will impact that child in ways that we may never know! Let's name a few films in the past 5 years that have had the potential to influence young black males with positive black male images! That alone is driving me to think of a plan quickly to get some black boys to the theatre next week.


Now that's marketing.


What does Red Tails really celebrate, when less than 1.5 percent of all military aviators now are Black?


" Its a teachable moment in history and that will be the focus however an epic all black hollywood blockbuster…wow."

The problem is, it isn't Hollywood in the sense that the biggest movie outlets wouldn't or refuse to see the sense in funding Redtails. The movie is essentially a 100 million dollar independent film, given that Lucas is paying for it out of his own pocked.


You have to understand the impact this might have if the movie is successful..All the obamas(white house) is doing is bringing attention to the movie. Does not matter if they like it or not? Its a teachable moment in history and that will be the focus however an epic all black hollywood blockbuster…wow..If we win on that front then the roles and monies to produce Good black films will beging to flow.

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