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Preview “Noah” (Feature Film Set In Alternate Modern-Day USA In Which Slavery Still Exists)

Preview "Noah" (Feature Film Set In Alternate Modern-Day USA In Which Slavery Still Exists)

Thanks to Charles Judson for alerting me to this project.

It’s a feature-length film titled Noah from Waltham, Massachusetts-based Identical Films, a production company founded by Anthony and James Deveney, and co-producer Andrew Johnson.

The film is set in an alternate present-day America in which slavery was never abolished. The story follows an escaped slave named Noah, as he tries to flee the country and reach a rumored freedom refuge in Canada.

Needless to say the idea immediately intrigued me, and so I emailed the filmmakers (Anthony is listed as director) for further details about the project, and here’s what I was told: 

First, post-production was completed just last week, so the film is done.

Second, a private screening of it was held on January 5th for cast, close friends and family.

They are submitting it to as many film festivals as they can, though no word on where it’s been accepted yet (I’m sure we’ll find out as the year progresses; it’s still early, and they only just wrapped).

It’s a drama/thriller.

Their inspiration for the film came from their desire to make a film about slavery, but given how expensive a period piece would be (they work with low budgets, and shoot guerilla-style), they instead chose to set the story in the present-day, sine it would be cheaper to make.

We wanted the film to be seen as a parallel of our world in which discrimination is still so common. Also, this was a chance to show the horrors of our country’s history. Most important to us, was crafting a story that would stay with a viewer after leaving the theater,” Anthony added.

This is their very first feature film, which was shot from July through to August of 2011, digitally with the Canon 5D camera, and edited on a Macbook Pro.

They financed it mostly themselves with donations from friends and family.

The cast comprised of more than 50 actors; the lead actor is Andy Jasmin, an MA native, currently living in LA pursuing acting.

That’s about it! But that should be enough… for now anyway.

As already noted, the film is headed to film festivals first, but we’ll have to wait and see where it’ll be accepted; and as I learn of its travels, I’ll share here.

I’m certainly curious; I’m not really sure what to expect, but the subject matter is intriguing, and inline with many discussions we’ve had on S&A about taking chances with storytelling.

We lament what seems like a revived interest in so-called slavery-themed movies & TV shows by Hollywood, and here’s one that takes a different approach to that particular narrative; so let’s see how this goes…

In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below for a look at what you can expect from Noah (full poster underneath):

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Okay, first thoughts on the trailer: I feel unexpectedly moved. I didn't know slavery movies could still do that to me. And this was just the trailer. Very much looking forward to seeing this. When the well-meaning whites took him in and then gave him the Bible I was like, yes, go THERE about THAT! This parallel reality seems so possible, yet so much of it seems already apart of this world. Making it modern day was brilliant. though very different, it puts me in mind of Lars von Trier's, twisted, slavery film, "Manderlay" set after slavery was abolished but took place in the 1920's I believe. Powerful trailer. Best wishes with this project.

Not a fan

What….in…the…hell?! I'm offended on so many levels, I can hardly type! Really? Swat team busting in? The only "concept" I see here is a New World Order! SMDH!!!


Thinks looks interesting even with the shoddy music. I think the concept sounds and looks very different.

James Deveney

If you want to see tons of stills, set photos, and some videos check us out on Facebook at:
or our website
Like our page if you want!!!


Definitely interested.

James Deveney

Our film focuses on the strength, perseverance and love of our two main characters, not their "weakness". We're truly sorry that you feel the way you do about our film Guyver. But it is your opinion and you can say whatever you want about it. We just hope you give it a second thought.

Mark Lund

I played the character of Martin Scott in this film – the slave owner. Let me offer my comments. First, we have to applaud the very simple fact that this film was made. It is a true independent film. Anyone that leverages their own pocketbook to produce needs to win some sort of an award. Second, working opposite star Andy Jasmin was a true pleasure. These were not easy roles to play by any stretch of the imagination. As an out gay man I have seen first hand how spineless ("racist") and bigoted people can be. For me to play this character I channeled all the hate I experienced by those that looked at me as a "second class" citizen because of who and what I am. Noah is much more than a film about slavery in an America that never abolished it, it is about the greater picture of what can happen in a world left unchecked. Let there be no mistake, we have politicians running for office now that would throw millions under the bus to advance their belief that we are not all created equal. I hope the film Noah makes people feel uncomfortable. It should.


Oh Lord…I can imagine what this comments board is gonna look like in a few days! LoL


What!!!!! Are you serious with this right now!! Did some checking and just as I thought, done by a white director. No African American director would have made this nonsense. I don't buy into the weak Black man and woman, saved and educated by the superior white man… this is 2012!!! Not drinking the Kool-Aid :( Also the acting and the pacing is poor.


BRILLIANT concept!


And I wonder whose idea was this? Rolling my eyes, sucking my teeth and smdh.

Tommy Oliver

What a novel yet brilliant concept. Thanks for sharing and I'll be sure to look out for this one.


Interesting concept. I'm curious.

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