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Project of the Day: Why Did the NY Times Keep Quiet About the Holocaust?

Project of the Day: Why Did the NY Times Keep Quiet About the Holocaust?

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“Reporting on The Times”

Tweetable Logline:

Why did The New York Times–a Jewish-owned newspaper–bury reports of The Holocaust during World War Two?

Elevator Pitch:

We all know of the six million lives that ended as a result of the Nazi’s campaign against Jewish Europeans. But what many of us don’t know is that countless Americans looked the other way as the Holocaust took place. The New York Times was one such bystander.

This film explores why The Times buried more than one-thousand articles about the Holocaust during WWII. Was it simply an oversight? Or did the publisher fear an Anti-Semitic backlash?

Through interviews with Holocaust survivors, historians, journalists, and American citizens, this film encourages audiences to re-evaluate America’s place as “The Great Liberator.”

Production Team:

Emily Harrold, Director/Producer
Jake Holm, Co-Producer
Lauren Franklin, Co-Producer
Megan Abell, Co-Producer
Lloyd Moss, Composer
Parrish Tigh, Editor
Nicki Doyamis, Cinematographer
Nayantara Parikh, Cinematographer

Editing Team
Evan Johnson, Assistant Editor
Avital Siegel, Assistant Editor
Tom Mishra
Keana Monroy-Gill
Kristina Rathjen
Siddhi Sundar

Archival Researchers
Jane Arbogast
Michelle Sibio

Production Team
Rupeshi Shaw, Assistant Producer
Lucy Ross, Assistant Producer
Madeline Aaron
Stephanie Myers
Jenny Min
Madeline Wall, Art

About the Production:

One day in class, my professor mentioned off hand that the American government knew about The Holocaust by 1942–three years before camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka were liberated. How could this be? And how could I, a reasonably well educated American History major know nothing about this? Reporting on The Times was born out of this shock, and as I continue to move forward in production I am continually reminded of the fact that it is the winners of wars that write our history books. We see history from their perspective. How does history change with another perspective?

Current Status:

We are fundraising while also continuing to conduct interview, research archival, and edit. Final Cut: April 2012.

For more information and to support this film:

Kickstarter Page

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Elise Hagstette

Sounds fascinating!

Marty Levinson

This film must be made.

Rick Winston

There is no end to unanswered questions about the Holocaust, and this is one of the more fascinating and infuriating ones. I'd see this film as soon as I could.

Peter Kubicek

Emily Harrold and her entire team are to be congratulated on this important historical research.
As one of those who were "over there" during the period in question (I am a survivor of six German concentration camps) I had intense interest in this project since I found out about it and had frequent communications with Emily about it. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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