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Quentin Tarantino Gives ‘Drive,’ ‘Rampart’ & ‘Meek’s Cutoff’ Slots On His Worst & “Nice Try” 2011 Film Lists

Quentin Tarantino Gives 'Drive,' 'Rampart' & 'Meek's Cutoff' Slots On His Worst & "Nice Try" 2011 Film Lists

Is Quentin Tarantino turning into a crank? Or Armond White? The director has dropped his best of list for 2011, and let’s just put it this way: Paul W.S. Anderson‘s ridiculous and dumb “The Three Musketeers” made the top 11, while movies like “Drive,” “Rampart” and “Meek’s Cutoff” didn’t. In fact, the latter two made his Worst Movies list.

But of course, QT is like most nerds who tend to favor stuff that is “cool” or falls right into their geeky wheelhouse, which makes the dismissal of “Drive” all the more strange (though maybe he was intimidated by a movie that took many of the same influences he shares and created something fresh, rather than a winking homage). Anyway, it’s no surprise that big entertainments like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “X-Men: First Class” and “Attack the Block” ranked in his Best list. But to his credit, we’re glad to see him add to the “Sucker Punch” pile-on, because Zack Snyder‘s film was truly terrible, and hopefully QT will silence the still small contingent who continue to claim the film is some kind of misunderstood work of art. It’s not. Same goes for “Paranormal Activity 3,” a franchise that continues to recycle jump scares for an audience that continues to eat it up. Also nice to see QT give some shine to “The Skin I Live In” that didn’t get the love it deserved, likely because Pedro Almodóvar bravely stepped out of his comfort zone, delivering something uniquely and bizarrely twisted that turned off those only accustomed to his more recent arthouse hits.

But perhaps the oddest entry on his annual run through the movies is the tie between silent movie sensation “The Artist” and the thoroughly average ensemble comedy “Our Idiot Brother.” We’d love to get a further explanation on that. Anyway, the full list is below. [Quentin Tarantino Archives via Total Film]

Quentin Tarantino’s official Top 11 of 2011

1. Midnight in Paris
2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
3. Moneyball
4. The Skin I Live In
5. X-Men: First Class
6. Young Adult
7. Attack the Block
8. Red State
9. Warrior
10. The Artist / Our Idiot Brother (tie)
11. The Three Musketeers

Others considered in no particular order

The Iron Lady
Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Captain America
The Descendants
My Week With Marilyn
Fast Five
The Tree of Life
The Hangover Part II
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
The Beaver
The Sitter
War Horse

Nice Try Award

Drive Angry
Real Steel

Best Director

Pedro Almodóvar
Bennett Miller
Woody Allen
Jason Reitman
Michel Hazanavicius

Best Original Screenplay

Midnight in Paris
Young Adult
Red State
Attack the Block
Our Idiot Brother

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Skin I live In
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
X-Men: First Class

Worst Films

Sucker Punch
Potiche (Trophy Wife)
Straw Dogs
Paranormal Activity 3
Meek’s Cutoff

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(though maybe he was intimidated by a movie that took many of the same influences he shares and created something fresh, rather than a winking homage) Kevin Jagernauth you butthurt…fucking cunt lol


tarantino is buttmad because drive is the movie he would like to made. despite trying to become more refined with inglorious bastards, at the end his movies are still the same crappy mess. drive isn't a great film. is just a simple, colorful, entertaining movie, and this is enough in my book. despite all the fanfare and celebration, tarantino can't manage to make a movie like that. drive is a simple movie, and sure as hell one a lot better than tarantino self jerking, self referential schmucks.


I can see why quentin might not like drive. There's nothing in it that really is memorable. only things that are good is the music and maybe ryan gosling's character. except ryan's character is "cool" but, there's never a time where his rules make him look badass, they make him look human, especially when his rules fail because he tries helping his girl's boyfriend. still liked the movie though.


Drive was a great movie! But not for everyone, clearly. I can see why some were disappointed by it's lack of action or lack of, well anything you'd expect in a hollywood wheelman movie, but it nailed the mood, emotion and tension it was going for while also creating one of the most iconic loners since 'The Man with No Name.' I loved it! Every single scene!

john buchanan

Watched Drive tonight, aware of all the glowing reviews. I was shocked by how bad it was. I agree with QT and then some — I found it pretentious, hollow, contrived, with "shocking violence" but little real substance or logic. It's depressing to see how stupid critics are these days. No wonder Hollywood is in trouble.


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Enough with QT and his legion of no taste followers. Take his last offering- Inglourious Basterds is cinema of the immature, of the man-child, of the loser film geek, of the fan-boy.

It does not nourish the soul nor does it feed the mind. It's masturbatory and narcissistic… it might be the perfect reflection of what American culture has become. It's empty macabre fun, it's the cinematic equivalent of binge drinking.

Basterds is very well made bad film. Tarrantino's script was overly wordy and strained at being clever. Clichéd lines abound – see anything the Superstar Celebrity and terrible actor Brad Pitt spoke.

The film's biggest sin is that it is, yet again, a movie about movies. Tarrantino's last three films have been the same thing. When will he stop cribbing from the genres he loves and think up an original idea for a film? My guess is never. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs were audacious flukes by a young video store clerk. The middle aged man who wants to re-imagine movies from his favorite film genres bores me.

 Tarrantino chronologically- one Good movie, one great movie, one fair movie and the rest are garbage. His movies are overly examined and justified by sycophantic fans trying to find a touchstone to the "true cinema". A bit of advice to them- go watch the movies Tarrantino steals from for touchstones. His synthesis of regurgitated cinematic genres gives us nothing new… except for shining a light on the excesses of our pop culture -"oh dude! Did u see how that guys head came off with a samurai sword in Kill Bill 2?! AWESOME!" This is what happens when a film geek/video store clerk/pot head gets to live out his fantasies.


The list is good…it's just his taste. Drive is obviously confusing people. It's a well-liked film all round, mostly jealous trolls and people used to simple action movies didn't enjoy it and feel the need to say how awful it is despite critics and rating all being high everywhere for it. But it's his list…and while it does have some movies which are clearly bad in it, it comes down to personal subjective opinion. Objectively, Muskateers is considered 'awful, and Drive would be the 'best' due to rating and critics reviews. But subjective opinion is not according to those.


Frankly, this whole list thing seems self indulgent and narcissistic. And I am really not clear why a filmmaker needs to publish a "worst" list. I understand that bloggers and magazines have space they need to fill, but Tarantino is under no such pressure. It seems petty and obnoxious to use your personal fame to humiliate a legitimate (if not entirely successful) effort like "Meek's Cutoff". A more constructive list from a person who loves film might be "Top 10 Films You Probably Missed but Shouldn't." That would at least serve to direct audiences to films that need a little more love.


Drive deserves to be in the "Nice Try" category for sure. It was trying way too hard


Yes! Drive sucked! I love Quentin's fearlessness in admitting that he didn't care for it. But Meek's Cutoff is a bad film? Nahhhhh. I'll let it slide because, for the most part, his list is pretty awesome. The Skin I Live In, The Tree of Life, The Beaver, War Horse, Midnight in Paris, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol – all great.


OK The skin I live in, F&F 5 in the list before X-Men and, talking about oriental entertainment: a little place for the ultrapop Takashi Miike's Yattaman?


God forbid QT has an original and different opinion from yours. He actually has a pretty good mix of geeky-cool and non geeky-cool movies on his list, like Midnight in Paris and Moneyball.

It's interesting and cool that QT has released a list of his top films of the year over the past few years. Not many filmmakers do that and I never see any filmmakers having the balls to drop their "worst films" list.


quentin is jealous lol

Noah R.

I don't understand this blog sometimes. If ever a director expresses an opinion contrary to yours, you call them jealous or cranky or compare them to Armond White. You've done it with Gilliam and you're doing it now with Tarantino. It's his list and he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. You don't have to agree with him, but you don't have to act like bullies on the playground either.

Ghijath Naddaf

Drive aside.
It would be great,if he had mentiont some smaller films,like Kill-List and Tyrannosaur.
They realy could need a little Lift.


I have a sneaking suspicion that Drive may not have made the list because it was not shot on film. Tarantino has been quite outward in his dislike of digital for quite some time now


Good to see QT doesn't worship at the altar of Drive like seemingly everyone else.


Q.T. was right on with his lists. You don't get him, because you just dont get it; and if you dont get it, you aint supposed to.



Very well believable this is the true list from QT himself. Happy to see we are both Young Adults (can tell from this list itself, doesn't only mean we both like Young Adult 8)), and also can tell we are in different genders. Also happy to see he gets passions toward le films francais, similarity with his ex Sofia Coppola.


Young adult wasn't an original screenplay. It was a boom before the movie came out

Christopher Bell

I'm not surprised. There's some video floating around that I caught a few years ago where he gives his top movies of all time, and instead of including anything surprising it was just a very general list of obvious movies. Not that that's bad, you like what you like, but given his reputation I think we all assume he's going to suggest us a dozen or so movies we've never heard of.


Nice to see Red State in his Top 10 and its screenplay in his Best Original Screenplay category :)


Hello. "Drive" was stale, hackneyed, under thought and way too in love with itself. All style, no substance. glad not everyone fell for it.


You're absolutely right. Dude seems as if he might feel more than a little threatened by Drive. I sort of thought the same thing about Edgar Wright when he insinuated that Drive was basically a Le Samourai rip-off in his Criterion favorites list.

Jeff Carroll

I was initially struck by how mundane his list was. Not even 13 Assassins?

Cory Everett

I'll agree that the "Nice Try" for "Drive" is particularly ironic considering that it succeeds in all the ways that "Death Proof" failed to make a retro-cool badass driving movie without devolving into self-referential parody.

Gary Busey's Taint

Are you buffoons really dogging on QT for having his own opinions? Who cares if he likes or dislikes a movie that you wish you could sleep with or slit it's throat in their sleep? I noticed too many morons going "well, if he's going to put so and so on his worst/best list, then I'm just going to diss his movies because it makes me feel smarter and more important in the world and in my parents eyes."Not everyone has to like, say, Drive (my favorite film of the year), and not everyone has to hate Three Musketeers (Paul Weasel Shit Anderson is a hack; there's only room for one Paul Anderson). I respect QT's opinions, even if I do think some of his choices are in their places simply because he's friends with the talent involved in them, whether it is a director or actor(s). Just because you like a film and think it is the best of the year, doesn't mean everyone else has to feel the same. It just truly shows your lack of intellect and maturity when you guys (most of you who seem to be grammatically impotent) mention how much a joke his list is, as if your prestigious list is somehow in any way more honorary and meaningful just because you include most of the "critically acclaimed" releases. Get real, people.


At least he realized the greatness and intelligence of Young Adult and Attack the Block. Nice to see him give a shout out to Reitman and Cody too. Two of the best films of the year, no doubt!


Would be interesting to know why he placed "Miral" on the Worst Of The Year list. Nobody saw the movie, and it wasn't a masterpiece, but it was at least a brave attempt to bring the Palestine issue to a mainstream, Hollywood audience.


He shouldn't have included a Worst Films list. He's just asking for shit.

Nick H

Death Proof. Nice try Quentin. Red State, Our Idiot Brother, Midnight in Paris, casting Jamie Foxx as your lead instead of Michael K. Williams. Try harder.


I have a lot of problems with QTs list, but I would nt go as far as to compare him to Armond White! That's a bit of a jump play list.


also playlist did you know people have different opinions and tastes

plenty of films you claim to be masterpieces and 9/10 i personally thoguht were garbage

does'nt make me or anyone else wrong for thinknig so

Ray H

At least he's a Woody Allen fan. He put Anything Else on his best of the last two decades list.


thank god i agree with QT i think drive is completely overrated it did'nt make my top 10 or even top 20 list

i gave it a 7/10 at most

A dude.

O__o Quentin.. W-wut? Drive gets a "Nice Try" award? What's that supposed to mean?!?


Not a great top 10…. Drive and Tree of life missing….get real Quentin!


what. a. joke.


drive clearly falls into a "nice try" category. it could have been really special. it could have been a real contender in the annals of great cinema. there are a lot of people championing this film, but i personally feel it failed to live up to its potential. history will not be kind to it.

not necessarily a bad film. just underwhelming considering what could have been. it was cool & well directed but lacked any real substance for it to be labeled a great movie. there were a ton of great elements and iconic moments, but there was no gripping or memorable thread holding it all together to make it a classic.

but hey… it's called drive, so maybe i'm supposed to just go along for the ride. at least that's how i rationalize it.


Like I mentioned to someone on twitter, the part of his brain that liked "The Three Musketeers" was probably the same part that cast Eli Roth, Mike Myers, Samm Levine and The Temp for Inglorious Basterds… VERY odd


Kevin, keep your comments about Tarantino to a minimum. Did you watch drive? The CGI special effects were laughable when they were not meant to be. I hate those kind. Hence, nice try. Tarantino reconstructs each genre he decides to do every single time! Every always has to add their two cents about Tarantino's movies. He will not get his proper respect until he is dead. No one, I mean no one, takes a blank sheet of paper and creates a movie start to finish better than the Master!


How did "Drive" make the "Nice Try" list? That was easily one of the more visually appealing and all-around more badass films in recent memory.

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