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Quentin Tarantino’s Official Top Eleven of 2011

Quentin Tarantino’s Official Top Eleven of 2011

Here is Quentin Tarantino’s official Top Eleven of 2011, per the Tarantino Archives. I am happy to see that Tarantino shares my love of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” as a script and as a movie. I love it that “The Artist” ties with another Weinstein Co. film, “Our Idiot Brother.” He does seem to admire Hazanavicius, as he puts him on his best director list. As “Iron Lady” and “My Week with Marilyn” are also on his list, methinks he is being kind to the Weinsteins.


1. Midnight In Paris
2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
3. Moneyball
4. The Skin I Live In
5. X-Men: First Class
6. Young Adult
7. Attack The Block
8. Red State
9. Warrior
10. The Artist / Our Idiot Brother (tie)
11. The Three Musketeers

Others considered in no particular order

The Iron Lady
Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Captain America
The Descendants
My Week With Marilyn
Fast Five
Tree Of Life
The Hangover Part II
Mission Impossible 4
The Beaver
The Sitter
War Horse

Nice Try Award

Drive Angry
Real Steel

Best Director

Pedro Almodovar
Bennett Miller
Woody Allen
Jason Reitman
Michel Hazanavicius

Best Original Screenplay

Midnight In Paris
Young Adult
Red State
Attack The Block
Our Idiot Brother

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Skin I live In
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
X-Men: First Class

Worst Films

Sucker Punch
Potiche (Trophy Wife)
Straw Dogs
Paranormal Activity 3
Meek’s Cutoff

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Maybe they were just movies he liked? You guys are making such big deals just because he likes something that doesn't have a positive rating on rotten tomatoes :) maybe he sees things in them we don't likewise for us. Plus what happened to movies (even stupid ones) being fun and not having to be the most awesome cool unknown critical hit that we expect master Tarantino to pick?

Joan Paolo De Luca

Nice List Quentin

Although I beg to differ in your liking craps like The Three Musketeers, Captain America, Green Lantern and Green Hornet and The Sitter (yuck).

But nonetheless, you're still a great filmaker and we're very excited about Django Unchained.

I have a question:

Did you see?

A Separation,
Harry Potter 7.2,
The Help,
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Another Earth

Why did you not mention those great movies?


The fact that not one Korean film made this list is the first questionable fact that Tarentino is not a great movie mind any longer .


lol what a retard/He must not watch very many movies anymore to pick these as his favorites . Tasteless list. ( THE SKIN I LIVE IN ) was not even a good Pedro movie one of his worst actually . Attack the Block is the only movie that belongs on a top 11 of 2011 list. Red State surely doesn't .


He has questionable taste but he won me over with his inclusion of Attack the Block, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Young Adult. 3 of the best films of the year.


Ugh! Are "The Skin I Live In" and "Potiche" the only two foreign language films Tarantino watched in 2011?!


Quite glad to know I'm in good company in my choice for #1 film of 2011, though I'm surprised to see Drive showing up for his "Nice try" award, especially considering last year he placed Animal Kingdom in his top 10 – another violent gangster flick showered with slow motion shots. Sure, there's a lot more to them than that, but still, even with its homaging and attention to detail I would have expected he'd like it a whole lot more. But then again, Hugo wasn't in his top 10 either, so who knows (and Super 8 isn't mentioned at all…). Maybe they were just too straight-forward for him as honoring pieces.

Anne Thompson

I know, Green Lantern was just awful, but I also loved X-Men. Liking mini-budget Attack the Block makes perfect sense; he likely feels more competitive with Nic Winding Refn, Oren Moverman and Joe Wright, who are in his action territory. (The directors Tarantino admires are not in his wheelhouse.) I wouldn't consider formalist Meek's Cutoff to be his taste. He'd want to get a move on. I never saw Red State so I can't comment, but have long considered Kevin Smith a better writer than director. I also skipped The Three Musketeers and no one has told me I missed anything (methinks he's being contrarian). I enjoyed Potiche for what it is. I won't argue with him on Sucker Punch or Miral.

Tom Brueggemann

More evidence that indeed people are underrating Midnight in Paris' chances of winning best picture.


well although a QT fan im not wholly impressed here. i thought red state was a very aimless and self-indulgently unfocused flick, and i have acute superhero-comic-film-adaptation fatigue. green lantern? i didnt know anyone could still stomach these implausible CGI fests that bump around like paint mixers in all too faithful imitation of video games. on the other hand he is panning sucker punch which has so much in common with so many of his top picks. its amusing that he also went after the obscure french film potiche. its certainly as self-indulgent and stylized as his favorites but is much more subtle, and i wonder if thats a problem for him?


I expected more from you Tarantino. Half of those picks sound too mainstream for your style. Contagion, Captain America and tree of life had you written all over it. I didn't expect you to like insidious or Meeks cutoff so I know it was still authentically you who chose these movies but it still seems like that top 11 isn't right. Your going soft Q.


Meek's Cutoff was a horrible film. Glad finally someone in Hollywood had the guts to say it. Everyone is too scared to hurt Michelle Williams' fragile feelings (she might start crying about Heath Ledger) but this film was B.S.


Did anyone really expect this fratboy to appreciate a great film like 'Meek's Cutoff'?…he had time
for x-men but not 'Le Havre'?…this is a joke, right?


Rampart and Meek’s Cutoff are among the worst films? What is wrong with you, Quentin? :)


Proof that a great director can have terrible taste in movies (or he's just selling his votes).

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