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Release Date For Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” Gets Shifted Yet Again

Release Date For Eddie Murphy's "A Thousand Words" Gets Shifted Yet Again

And it still might get shifted again… just release it on DVD I say; stick a fork in it.

Follow the bouncing ball…

Originally scheduled to be released in January this year, Paramount later pushed the release date for A Thousand Words to March 23rd instead.

As I noted in a previous post, this shift may have been a calculated one by Paramount, as that announcement came after it was made public that the film’s star Eddie Murphy would host the Academy Awards, with the hope being that Eddie would be a hit as Oscar host on February 27th, which would then translate to increased interest in and awareness of the film when it would have been released about 3 weeks later.

Well… given Eddie’s exit as host of the Oscars, I wondered if Paramount might shift the film’s release date again; or maybe just scratch the release and shuffle this baby straight to home video/VOD.

I got my answer this evening: the former; Paramount has once again shifted A Thousand Words’ release date to almost a full month later: April 20th, according to Box Office Mojo.

Reasons for the move? None have yet been given, and I can’t immediately make any sense of it, other than they just felt that April 20th would be a better release date.

*Shrug* If it’s not already obvious, I don’t give a damn at this point. The film has been sitting in limbo for so long that any interest I once had in actually seeing it faded awhile ago.

And this trailer didn’t do much to change that…

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Are we sure this movie is going to be bad. Eddie's recent history notwithstanding, I saw the original trailer and thought it didn't look horrible. Unlike, Meet Dave, Pluto Nash, and Norbit. Usually sitting on the shelf for more than a year, then shifting release dates spell "D-O-O-M". But, if they're pushing back to a late April date rather than straight to DVD, it might not be as horrible as people expect. Late April is encroaching on the summer blockbuster season and they usually try to bury these movies in the dead winter months of Jan through March.


With a foundation of approximately 30 years in the entertainment industry, I don't quite understand Eddie Murphy's lack of control over the production of his projects.

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