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Replay: Watch My Live Online Chat With Ed Burns

Replay: Watch My Live Online Chat With Ed Burns

If you missed it, catch the replay of my live internet chat with writer/director Ed Burns about his film Newlyweds, just released on VOD and iTunes. It's a charming, wry romantic comedy about a couple whose in-laws invade their marriage, and it offers a fascinating, fresh model for how to make and distribute a first-rate film for a pittance. Ed talks about how he made this highly-polished movie for all of  $9,000. and answers other questions about the film and its background.

Thanks to Ed and to everyone who watched and asked questions in real time. It was as much fun as I'd hoped!

Watch live streaming video from tribecafilm at

If you missed it, you can click here to watch my video interview with Ed and costar Caitlin FitzGerald.

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Timmy Fung

Not if you put a gun to my head would I watch an Ed Burns film let alone listen to him hawk it.


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Angeline Goreau

What a wonderful talk! You and Ed were the perfect chat partners: I loved hearing about his ad hoc approach. I generally think that too many cooks make an unspeakable soup, but Burns has figured out how to invite collaboration and keep his narrative firmly structured at the same time. I disagree with him about the direction Marsha Dietlein took the Marsha character in, however. She may have been based on a real-life model, but as a character she feels too one-dimensional. Still, she stands out because everybody else feels so "taken from life". Congratulations on a terrific interview. I hope you'll be doing more.

Eric Dickinson

This is awesome! Thanks Caryn! Big fan of Ed Burns and his low budget guerilla style filmmaking in NYC. Very inspirational for all the aspiring filmmakers out there.

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