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Rosie O’Donnell Trashes Critics at National Board of Review Awards Gala

Rosie O'Donnell Trashes Critics at National Board of Review Awards Gala

After starting an hour late, last night’s National Board of Review 2011 Awards Gala, which celebrates a slate of winners who were announced more than a month ago, blandly plugged along.

And then, around its midway point, surprise presenter O’Donnell took to the stage wearing what looked like a shiny drape to award the documentary “Crime After Crime” with the NBR Freedom of Expression Award.

The comedienne then launched into an assault on the National Society of Film Critics for naming “Melancholia” best picture of the year over the weekend (“If I had the choice between giving birth to a flaming child on the floor of an igloo, or watching that film again, I would choose the birth of my child”); trashed Denmark and Woody Allen in one swift coup (“I’m happy to hear that Lars von Trier is not here today. He’s from Denmark. Fuck it, I don’t know where that country is, I’ll never look for him, or Woody Allen. Pedophile? Who’s to say?”); and pissed off some, if not all, of the Board. (“I’m so happy that they were talking about the shit on the tables. Because I’ve learned there are no gift bags, it’s gonna be a fucking free-for-all… this is one crazy-ass black-tie dinner.”)

Nothing upstaged O’Donnell’s one-woman show; not even Best Actor winner (and frequent jokester) George Clooney, who was on his best behavior in accepting the award from his “The Descendants” director Alexander Payne.

Keira Knightley came close when she payed tribute to Michael Fassbender — the night’s Spotlight winner and her co-star in “A Dangerous Method” — by saying: “If I had to be spanked by anybody, I’m glad it was by you.” So did Best Actress presenter Frances McDormand who matter-of-factly stated that she didn’t know who the National Board of Review was. She also didn’t seem to care.

Elsewhere, Breakthrough Directorial Debut winner J.C. Chandor (“Margin Call”) became visibly emotional after delivering a four-minute (!) speech, Breakthough Performance winner Rooney Mara sang praises of her “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” director David Fincher, despite him urging her not to do so via email a few hours earlier, and presenter Naomi Watts thanked her director on “The Ring,” Gore Verbinski (there to accept the Best Animated Feature award for “Rango”), for teaching her how to scream.


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Rosie does sometimes let words out of her mouth without thinking first. This wasn't the time or place for what she said. Who knows, some day she might want to go to Denmark.


Jerry, I couldn't have said it better myself! Well Done.


i thought rosie o'donnell died a couple of years ago. damn it all.

Steven Ball

Ms O'Donnell is ugly on the outside & ugly on the inside. She gives lesbians a bad name.
Can you imagine Ms DeGenerese behaving this badly? I can't.


PLEASE limit your criticisms to what Rosie O'Donnell said. These are some of the ugliest and most offensive personal attacks I have ever witnessed on this or any site. Indiewire should take them down, and some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

12-String Infidel

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she would be doing at an awards show.
Aren't her ratings even lower than Glenn Beck's are now? No class, no brains Rosie.


Her friend Debbie Wasserman Shultz is lamenting the lack of civility of the Tea Party. Methinks she should look to her own kind.


brilliant! i like this woman more everyday. too bad she can't co-host with ricky.

thank you, rosie.

big bopper

Fuck this fat shit!


What an ugly, humongous, unfunny, untalented, egotistical over nothing, liberal wackjob this waste of space is!


O'Donnell is a fat, bloated, gay sow.

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