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S. Epatha Merkerson To Host New TV One Series, “Find Our Missing” (Searching For Missing Black Americans)

S. Epatha Merkerson To Host New TV One Series, "Find Our Missing" (Searching For Missing Black Americans)

It’s become something of a running joke… the differences in how cases in which whites go missing are handled by law enforcers and the media, versus similar cases in which blacks (and other minority groups) are the victims.

So I’m sure this is a TV show idea that many will dig… from the TV One press release:

As the centerpiece of an effort to draw attention to and help find missing Black Americans, whose stories are largely ignored in national media coverage of missing persons, TV One will premiere Find Our Missing, a 10-episode, one-hour docu-drama series Wednesday, January 18 at 10 PM ET.

Hosted by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress S. Epatha Merkerson, who for 16 years portrayed Police Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on NBC’s Law & Order, Find Our Missing is designed to put names and faces to people of color who have disappeared without a trace. Each episode will tell the story of the missing person or persons, beginning with the day they vanished and the frantic searches by loved ones and investigators to find them.

Find Our Missing provides insight into these victims’ lives –their hopes and dreams, what makes them tick, and how they have touched those around them – from the people who know them best.

The episodes will chronicle the investigations into their disappearances, and why the search for them so far has only turned up dead ends.

There’s more, but that’s about the gist of it.

Nearly one-third of the missing in this country are black Americans, while we make up only 12 percent of the population. Yet stories about missing people of color are rarely told in the national media… Find Our Missing will be dramatic television, but we also hope that TV One’s combined efforts on air, through digital and social media, and through partnerships will also draw attention to a critical issue and bring new information to light for the loved ones of the missing featured in this series, and for others. We hope these profiles will trigger the memory of someone who might have seen something, and feel compelled to come forward and help these families who have suffered for so long,” said TV One President and CEO Wonya Lucas. “ 

The premiere episode of this new series will feature stories of two people who vanished in 2009: Pamela Butler, a 47-year-old Program Analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency, who mysteriously disappeared from inside her Washington, D.C. home despite an elaborate security system. Her boyfriend was the last person to see her; and Hasanni Campbell, a sweet five-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy vanished from the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland, California. His foster father, who was dropping off Hassani at his foster mother’s job, says he left him alone for just moments when he took Hassani’s younger sister to the front of the store.

But the effort won’t be relegated just to television, as TV one will complement the series with social media and online content, via its social networking accounts and website:

Future episodes of Find Our Missing will feature: Yasmin Acree, a popular 15-year-old honor student on Chicago’s west side, who disappeared from her home in the middle of the night in 2008; Althedia Vaught, a 41-year-old- grandmother-to-be in Tulsa, who was seen leaving her house late one night in January 2009 wearing her pajamas, never to be seen again; Monica Bowie, a 34-year-old Atlanta woman, who is believed to have been kidnapped in 2007 from the parking deck of her Atlanta apartment complex; Jaliek Rainwalker, a 12-year-old Greenwich, NY boy, who had been on his way to being adopted after having been in the foster care system since birth, went missing in November 2008 after a car ride with his to-be adoptive father; Christina Voltaire, a 22-year-old college student from Winter Haven, FL, who lent a friend her car in January 2011 and was missing when the friend returned an hour later; 26-year-old Lester Jones, a Mississippi State college student, who disappeared in January 2010 while on the drive to meet some college fraternity brothers for a weekend getaway. Tionda and Diamond Bradley, 10- and 3-year-old sisters from Chicago, who disappeared in July 2001 while their single mother was away for a few hours at work; 42-year-old nursing student and aspiring minister Evelyn Shelton, who went missing in Spartanburg, SC in May 2011 after a study date; 7-year-old Alexis Patterson from Milwaukee, who disappeared in May 2002 – she was last seen in the park near her school but never made it to class that day; 3-year-old Lemoine Allen & 2-year-old Kreneice Jackson, who are unrelated, but both toddlers disappeared from the front of Jimmy Jacskson grocery store May 10, 1992 in Edgard, MS – the kids were with family that afternoon celebrating a Mother’s Day service at a nearby church; 48-year-old Hattie Brown, a Persian Gulf War veteran and the first female sergeant in her platoon, who disappeared in 2009 from her home in Halifax County, VA, after having been seen filling up at a gas station with her nephew – her car was found two months later destroyed by fire; 18-year-old Pine Bluff, AR student Cleashindra Hall, who did part-time clerical work for a local doctor in 1994- she didn’t call her mother for her usual ride home from work, and the doctor says she was picked up by someone else; 20-year-old Kelly Allen of St. Louis, who went missing while she was spending a few days at a female friend’s apartment and looking for a job; 24-year-old Unique Harris of Washington, DC, who put her sons and niece to bed in October 2010, then disappeared and is believed to have been abducted from her home; 27-year-old Morgan Johnson of Indianapolis, who disappeared in May 2011 from the hotel where he lived, shortly after the death of his grandfather, with whom he had a close relationship – he did not attend the funeral, or has not shown up since for the job he loved, and he vanished without the medication he takes to prevents seizures; and 2-year-old Teekah Lewis of Tacoma, WA, who disappeared in 1999 while playing an arcade game during a family outing at a bowling alley, with her family just feet away.

And that’s just a fraction of the countless others whose names aren’t mentioned here.

As noted, S. Epatha Merkerson will host. Towers Productions produces the series for TV One.

UPDATEApparently, this blog is being targeted by those against this show.  Please don’t bother leaving racist comments or language because it will be deleted.

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Quincetta Ross



I've never saw your production, however I have a special interest in such cases.
I really want to start an organization for the missing. If I could speak with someone I could explain why I hold a special interest.


Hello my name is Beverly from Wisconsin this morning I woke up to some sad news. Today I learned that two young black girls are missing ages 9 & 4 yrs . But what my real concern is about why in the hell there was no Amber Alert put out on these kids? Please tell me what I can do to get involved I posted it on face book what more can I do for them to put out the alert!!! Please help concern: Mom




I loved this show. I'm hoping it will be back on the air.


Has anyone been located as a result of this show or have any abductors been indicted/convicted?


i really need to know when is season two of the tv show find our missing coming back on


Tionda and Diamond's mother know exactly what happened to them

A. Fink

I am a white female, 62 yrs old. I adore epatha merkinson. She has been my favorite forever. Such a fine, intelligent, awesome woman. I admire her so much!
I believe she is working on a very worthwhile project. Great help is needed for the terrible situation. I personally hope progress can be made. Wish you all the best. Ann

Victoria Delk

My son went missing 7/23/82..Suffolk County, New York…Police did nothing..I did all the work..body has not been recovered..Pct. closed the case..FBI made them reopen..and nothing still was done..they have no cold case division..I wanted it turned into a murder case to do a new investigation and they would not..I was going through divorce, his father was a correction officer and still I was not given proper assistance..I WROTE A BOOK……..EVERYONE KNOW WHO DID IT………….


How come when wihte girl and boys get kidnaped thay put the amber alert. But when when black people get kidnaped nothing hapens I'm 12and this show has tuch me and what thay do with black people is races. Bye and I hope you find how you need ttho fing I support you and the famales and you the best love happening and tranquilaty.

T. Huffman

I havent seen the show yet for my cousin Monica Bowie but I want to thank you in advance for the attention you have given her. We love her and miss her terribly and with your help maybe this year we can bring her home… God bless you!

Cedric Kates

I wanted know if the BART transit station, stated in Hassani Campbell case was ever searched ?
Was the surveillance tapes ever looked into at the BART trasit station, the dates in which Hassani Campbell is reported missing?

dear moderator

Isn't "cracker redneck" the equivalent of "nigger"? You should probably delete all racist comments…, from both sides.


it takes seconds to delete a rant from a crybaby, cracker redneck. it takes minutes to type that shit we will never read. If your bleach faced ass did have a child, she is better off away from you. lol

Jhessye Shockley Ambassordors

To Whom it May Concern:
I would like to express my outrage, sorrow, and dismay at how the case of Jhessye Shockley has been handled. There is no justifiable reason for the inhumane treatment of this little girl and her family. I have known Jhessye's grandmother, Shirley Johnson, as a coworker and friend for four years, and in that time I have seen the overwhelming love, care, and support that she has given Jhessye and her sisters. As anyone could imagine, to lose a child in this way is devastating, but to have additional insult and humiliation inflicted by the very institutions who are supposed to protect us is really unspeakable. If Jhessye's body has been found, as the Glendale police have indicated, it needs to be retrieved immediately so that the family can begin to heal from this tragedy. I have been amazed at Shirley's strength and determination throughout this ordeal. The time for action is NOW, to end this needless suffering.

Amy S. Kay, RN, MSN

To whom it may concern,
I want to express my heartbreak in the way this case is being managed. Or maybe I should say, the lack of management. I am appalled and disheartened at the idea that investigators would not want closure for this case, closure for the family, and justice for this precious little girl. Please continue to search for Jhessye, so that we may all find peace.
Thank you
Kellie Brown

From: Kristel DeFrancis
Date: January 10, 2012 1:10:02 AM PST
Subject: letter for blog
I am absolutely disgusted with the way the case of missing child Jahessye Shockley has been handled. From the time she was reported missing, there was a delay in the amber alert announcement. There also has been very little media coverage of her disappearance and I believe that it is because she is black. Now, the police supposedly have a tip that leads them to believe that Jahessye's body is in a landfill. I see no reason why they have not begun to search for her body. That would be the logical thing to do. This cannot go on. I work with Shirley Johnson (Jahessye's Grandmother) and I know that she has been working nonstop to find her beloved granddaughter and to bring more media attention to her case. We all want to find that beautiful little girl. We need the help of the police, the media, and anyone else who can help us find Jhessye!
Kristel DeFrancis
Labor and Delivery RN
San Francisco, CA
To Whom It May Concern,

As a colleague, friend, supporter of Shirley Johnson, I am writing this letter to express my heartbreak over the handling of the case regarding her missing Grandchild, Jheysse. A child that may be lost, scared, waiting. Why have the police been dropping the ball on this little girl. It is disgraceful how little has been done to find her. Please do not stop looking!!! Please do more to help this family find their babygirl. Not another day should go by that 100% effort is not put in to find her. We will not give up!
Kimie Daikoku

Whom it May Concern:

I would like to express my outrage, sorrow, and dismay at how the case of Jhessye Shockley has been handled. There is no justifiable reason for the inhumane treatment of this little girl and her family. I have known Jhessye's grandmother, Shirley Johnson, as a coworker and friend for four years, and in that time I have seen the overwhelming love, care, and support that she has given Jhessye and her sisters. As anyone could imagine, to lose a child in this way is devastating, but to have additional insult and humiliation inflicted by the very institutions who are supposed to protect us is really unspeakable. If Jhessye's body has been found, as the Glendale police have indicated, it needs to be retrieved immediately so that the family can begin to heal from this tragedy. I have been amazed at Shirley's strength and determination throughout this ordeal. The time for action is NOW, to end this needless suffering.


Amy S. Kay, RN, MSN

For Missing Jhessye Shockley

To All That Reads This and Can Help Us :
Jhessye Shockley is my granddaughter that was abducted on 10/11/11 from her apartment complex. To add insult to her missing, Glendale did not activate the Amber Alert immediately. It was activated twelve hours later. The scene was not preserved by the police department and as a result, people were going in and out of the apartment complex as if nothing had happened. Glendale Arizona Police stopped the search after two days. This began the precedence of how the remainder of the search would go.
It took 2 weeks before Jhessye’s name went national. I cried outrage! Why is my Black child not getting national attention like baby Lisa was? The community and I cried out together! We stopped traffic, gave flyers, and went to businesses for help. The community became outraged too, having been flooded with over 544 sex offenders. The Glendale Police Department report that number a mere 300. That is 300 too many if you ask me! My coworkers in California said Jhessye was being treated differently and they rose up in anger and took to social networks to get Jhessye exposure by posting and reposting Jhessye’s face. Thanks to The View and Whoopi Goldberg, CNN, MSNBC, Lisa from Nancy Grace, The Dr. Drew Show, Peas in their Pods Talk Radio, and Tony Brown Talk Morning Show for their coverage of this injustice and tragedy.
I did not want to believe that her race would play such an enormous role in how Jhessye was going to be searched for or not searched for. She is now being treated like she was trash. Literally! Arizona is living up to its reputation that they do not respect, care, or search for our missing children of color.
A press conference was held by the Glendale Police Dept. on December 21st, three days before Christmas, notifying the community that they believe Jhessye was located at a local dumpsite. They then proceeded to elaborate that to search a landfill is time consuming and costly but that they would consider maybe searching for Jhessye. They maintain “that without a firm date/time period in which the remains were disposed of, it is quite difficult to know where to begin a search in a landfill.” And yet the very next day, I received a call from Detective Geliser who said a “reliable source” had taken him to the dumpsite and pointed to where the child could be found. If you know where baby Jhessye may lay, then go get her and put her soul to rest. I guess the price of a black baby’s soul does not justify spending precious Arizona’s funds on a “costly search.”
Have you heard of anything as distressing, inhumane, cruel, and barbaric? This has been complete emotional torture for my family. Arizona has allowed the Glendale Police Dept. to run amok; to say and do whatever they please and answer to nobody in regards to their actions or, probably more accurately, their lack of actions. This is their idle attempt to justify closing Jhessye’s case. It is merciless, evil, monstrous, cold blooded, and malevolent to leave a baby lying in a dumpsite of trash, as if she was TRASH. How can they justify leaving someone’s child out in the elements like this? Do you suppose they would do this if this was one of their loved ones, or one of their pets even? . Would they possibly not even search at all because of the immense expense? No, the National Guard would have been called in at the drop of a hat!

I know that you believe, like I do, that we must do everything possible to find our missing children. We must protect them from all hurt, harm and danger. We must do something to stop child abduction and kidnapping. That is why I am asking for your help. GPD committed them- selves to finding Jhessye when they had a National Press Conference and let the world know that Jhessye was in a dumpsite in Tempe Arizona.
I, as her grandmother, was outraged that my beautiful grandchild was not getting national attention by the media. So the wonderful neighborhood community, in which she had lived, started making flyers and helping to draw attention to her case, telling everyone about my beautiful grandchild. I cried racism and disparity of treatment by the Glendale Police Department. I was going to march on City Hall when the mayor said she would meet with me and try to intervene and get the search started up again. Nothing came of this meeting. I held two marches on the Capital to no avail.

Last year alone, U.S. law enforcement identified over 300,000 criminals who were trafficking in movies and pictures of young children being raped and tortured. Experts say that one in every three of these criminals has local child victims. Child pornography trafficking over the Internet has given us a trail of evidence that leads straight to their doorsteps but the vast majority of these children will never be rescued because investigators are overwhelmed, outnumbered and underfunded are just no trying to find our children. Fifty percent of the missing children are black and children of color. No one is missing our black children! They do not receive the same press coverage as other children. I can now say this at first hand.
In the past I would have been the first to say all babies and children are being searched for equally, but now it is there for all to see and read how Arizona Glendale Police and Arizona Elected official are allowing Jhessye to be treated so inhumanely. Who would have thought children, of any race could be treated with so much hatred. Who would have thought It.!! Who?
No family deserves to suffer through Christmas and a new year without some word that their love one is in a dumpster or not.
Stop trying to close this baby’s case and do your job. We, as a community, depend on law enforcement to help and serve us equally.
If Jhessye is in that dumpsite, then bring her home. Put her to rest.
There is no excuse for the Senate to fail to take action this session.

Shirley Johnson and those that love and support her
California Pacific Medical Center
Labor and Delivery

Grandma Shirley Johnson of Jhessye Shockley

To whom it may concern:
I write to you regarding little jhessye. I am very upset and disappointed with
the little work that is being done to help find Jhessye. This is horrible.
Although it is obvious that things should have been done correctly from the
beginning it seems like there is has been no effort to correct the mistakes in
tactics to try and locate this precious little girl. If you have suspicions or
leads that she is in a landfill or somewhere why stop looking now??? There is no
excuse for this. I am a mother and I know that I would continue strong just as
her grandmother Shirley has been. And I am positive that if this were your child
or if this occurred near and dear to your heart and home you would want the same
to be done. As a mother and a friend of the beautiful and wonderful Shirley
Johnson please continue this search and find jhessye. You know that it is the
right thing to do so please do it.
-Erica Solano RN
January 14, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in support of the latest reports that state have decided to begin searching the landfill for the body of missing child, five year old Jhessye Shockley. It is a concern that while the most recent report indicates that Jhessey’s dead body was disposed of in a Glendale, AZ trash can, authorities have not begun to search the landfill to retrieve her body.
It is imperative to begin searching now in order that the evidence is found and the case is solved. The Glendale community is at risk with the probability that a murder exists amongst them. And moreover, the remains of Jhessey Shockley should be respected and retrieved for burial according to ethical principles in American society.
While according to reports there has been some suspicion as to the involvement of the mother, this has not been determined and therefore, by law all citizens are considered innocent unless found guilty by the court. There have not been any convictions and thus the Shockley family deserves the respect of closure. This involves retrieving the body using the evidence to solve the case and allowing for a respectful burial.
As a nurse and citizen I am responsible for patient’s rights that follow ethical principals. As law enforcement officials I am certain the same rules apply and that it is your ethical duty to bring justice and closure to this case. If it is true that you are letting valuable evidence deteriorate in a landfill you are not serving the people of your community.
Please begin your search for this child. She has rights and it is our ethical duty to see that her rights are protected. Please.
With Sincere Respect,
Susan Chappell

For White People Who Considered Trolling When Privledge Wasn't Enough

Did you get lost on your way to stormfront? I'm sure they're dying to hear your rant on reverse racism, BET(why isn't there a WET?? AmIrit3, guize?), and various black/Jew/gay conspiracies…

I was a pre-schooler playing in the same park on the same day that Christopher Milton Dansby was kidnapped. He was never found. Neither was Shane Anthony Walker who was kidnapped from that same park a few months later. Ever hear of 'em?

I've been concerned with this issue of missing children since the day I realized I could have been snatched from that park. Since the age of four, basically. Even now I've got an Amber Alert app on my phone. All children are equal in my eyes, so it makes me sad to see that missing children of color aren't give the same play in the national media as white children. I hope this program helps to change that.

ITMT check out

Willfully ignorant racists can kick rocks.


Don't feed the trolls people. And don't leave personal info on this site. Contact local police and organizations directly.

Theda Thomas

Thank you for increasing awareness of our missing. I am requesting that you do a story about my missing african-american disabled child named Christian Ferguson- St. Louis, MO. I am still "looking for my angel". I may be reached at 314.440.3422. Thank you.


can someone please list the companies that advertised during this show so i can boycott them?


So, is your brother really missing? Your comment was not cute. Educate yourself on the racial politics in this country and ask your brother if, when he walks down the street, whether he is seen as/treated like a biracial person or like a black man. That should answer your question as to whether he would be featured on this show.

Name LLB

Good for you to reach out to find some help for your brother. I'm sure that help could be found.


I watched the first program tonight. It is very upsetting that we still have this kind of racism in America that our media and police would play favorites due to the color of your skin. If a person is missing it should not matter what color their skin is. Our police and media should give equal attention to all that are missing. Wake up America, we all live in this country together. We should all come together as one, no matter what color our skin is..

Melissa Booker

I just want to say it is not a black/ white issue with the show. I am a white woman and am VERY excited that this show is airing. Morgan Johnson is a wonderful man who has not gotten the attention that is needed or that was given to other missing persons here in Indiana. Just as ALL families and friends of the missing, the goal is to bring attention to the person missing so more people are aware to look for things that would otherwise be oblivious to them. Thank you TV One for doing this because I do know the cases of African Americans are not as recgonized as others.

Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc

It's about time a show like this is shared with the world. Anyone who is slighted or insulted really does not get it. And so what. The show is airing tonight on TV1 and I for one, THANK GOD IT'S FINALLY COME. WE MATTER TOO. How often do we see African-Americans reported on the news or given any importance? Rarely, if at all. THAT IS WHY WE NEED A SHOW LIKE THIS. EVERY MISSING PERSON WAS BORN OF SOMEONE'S BELLY. IT'S LIKE MY GRANDFATHER USED TO TELL PEOPLE WHO JUST WOULD NOT GET INTELLIGENCE: "THE MORE I TEACH YOU, THE DUMBER I GET." Some folks just are not going to get why we need our voices heard. Very few are allowing us to do so.


You people fail to realize that the purpose of this show is to highlight the reporting of missing persons of color that is lacking on national news agencies. If you feel slighted by this courageous move, then add another show besides the numerous ones you have available that focus yet again on yourselves the majority of the time. I have sympathy for all missing persons, but I am tired of the impression that your missing are more important than mine–stop being so selfish!!!!


Can't we all just get along?

Sandra Johnson

Thank God this show was picked up. This is a longtime coming and we need more shows like this and I will be watching and will be sure to send out a mass email of everyone in my address book to watch as well. Thank you TVOne for your contribution and wiliness to target this issue in our communities.


To fill a gap in programming that exists is not racist. To call attention to the disparity that exists in reporting, and the investment in resources to find the missing person, when Black people are missing vs. White people is not racist. Identifying or "naming" a social problem is not racist. The philosopher Benjamin Ward, "naming determines action and that which is unnamed is ignored." People, regardless of the color of their skin, should be concerned about the lack of attention that people of color who go missing receive and we should speak up and take action to fix the problem. Our Creator does not value people differently according to the color of their skin. Human beings should not either. (For the record, I am White).


I am so glad to see this. It is about time. I am white but I am human and everyone deserves the attention to help find them.


Toni Judkins, Programming Chief at TV One said that 12% of the US population is black. Because this show focuses only on people of color, only people of color will watch. Not a very big potential viewing audience. Wasn't there a better way to go about this?


While I agree that ANY child that is missing or abused needs to be found, if the same were true of the white people or latino people or asian people doing this, it would be considered racist.


Thank God for this program , we need this for my black sister and brother.

I think this is a great idea to have this program because there is a serious need for it. I know black people from my home town that have gone missing and some who have been murdered and there is no record of it, its like they never even existed and that makes me very angry. I hope this program really takes off and sticks around because we really need help finding our loved ones and getting justice for them


I think this is an amazing idea for a tv show. I am so sad for the circumstance that make it necessary but am very happy to see someone acknowledging it's necessity. I actually rarely watch tv one but I will be tuning in to see this. I am not trying to be rude or demean the missing of other races but the fact is race absolutely impacts the way the missing are (if) reported to the public. I watch Dissapeared ( investigation discovery) ALL the time and of the multiple episodes that have been on ONLY 2 of the missing have been Black. Look at all the missing who were listed above I guarantee you, you will see none of them on Dissapeared. And I understand every white person who goes missing will not get a Dissapeared episode but in the seasons it has been on I am alarmed at the OBVIOUS preference given to non-blacks. Of the names listed above I was only aware of 2 of them and I am both deadly disturbed and angry at the lack of attention they are given. To everyone who says shows like this will further divide races all I have to ask you is when was the last time a black mother was given a show on Lifetime in the same way that Beth Halloway was?


Hate does not have a race it does not have a face or name until we as a nation/people give it one. This show is to put an end to a standing joke that when African Americans are missing on one cares or searches. Meanwhile missing WHITE, HISPANIC, ASIAN, and other Americans are not being found. lets keep it real and take a minute to consider the lack of this search effort times by three when it concerns African Americans. There are 76.4% White-63.7% Hispanic-and 4.8 Asian in America and the African American public will have to stand in this line and wait for someone to have mercy and help find there love ones. Let us all put down the titles and stand up for equality to bring all our love ones home. It can be done but we all must work at it together (equally).

White and missing a sister

I am sorry to sound hateful here and I really do not mean to offend…but I am offended by the fact that we are going to focus on missing Black Americans…You know there are a great many WHITE, HISPANIC, ASIAN, and other Americans missing who have gone without a care…My family for one my sister is 27 white and missing for two years…When we contatcted the police we werre told that as an adult she can go missing it is her prerogative to contact us or not…So please excuse me if I do not agree with this programming. Lets find AMERICA'S MISSING not just black.

Worried about OUR future

There are alot of people missing in the U.S. people keep talking about racism but yet the media and t.v. Shows like this keep it going.. How about we talk about the PEOPLE missing and NOT divide by the color of skin or nationality.. This network obviously supports the division of people and I'm done supporting this network..

Bev Merritt

Thank you for keeping Morgan Johnson's story alive as well as all the others!!! I pray for peace for Morgan and his family, and being a close friend hope he is found soon! Thank you, we are so grateful!

jakeesha Acree

Yasmin Acree is my Baby Sister and i think that it is a great show to have for missing children. My sister has been mising four years tomorrow and keeping her face in the media is defineitly on time. We miss her very much and we nerver get to say much because no one every ask us as the sfibling how we feel but i'm Happy that this show was created and websites like you keep the stories rolling out so thank you so much.


I am so touched with these stories and I am so happy that finally someone is putting our missing black people stories out there (thank u lord) I am personally close to the yasmin acree and the bradley sisters case, I someimes ask myself ((ARE THEY STILL ALIVE? N if they are where are they and who have them, how are they doing, if they have passed where are their bodies? So they could be layed to rest)) I mean its just so many questions, I have 2 little boys ages 3 & 4 and I couldn't imagine if something were to happen to them that's why I keep all of this stories close to my heart,,,,,, but last but not lease I would just like to say if someone know anything, seen anything, heard anything PLEASE come forward and say something so this families could finally come to piss, SO THE WORLD CAN COME TO PISS


Heavy heart…is how I come. I knew Monica and she was a great lady. I see her mother Mrs. Linda have never gave up on finding me Monica. I ask the most high everyday to show us signs to lead us to you…. I'm so lost and confuse I don't know what to do. My prayers will never stop until you are bought home….. Sending my love and suppo<rt to Monica Bowie family…<3

From the family of Monica Bowie

We would like to thank TVONE for getting intouch with me, and adding Monica Bowie to there series. It has been 5 years in July she has been missing with out any word. Even with wittnesses, who God bless them, stayed to report what they saw and heard, there hasn't been anything. I would like to have everyone who knows anything about her missing, just put your self in our place just for one day, and let that little thought that keeps coming to you , over power your need to to keep quite and just say something. We dont have to know WHO, we just want to bring her home.

Sherrilyn Miller

Thank you to TV1 for bringing Hasannis story back to the public eye. We have never given up our search for Hasanni Campbell and the truth of his disappearance. We thank everyone involved in making this series. The CFL Society works with families on a daily basis and we welcome everyone in the nation to step forward and sign up to help a missing family in your area. Your help could mean the difference between a loved one being found or not. Thank you again TV1.

Leslye Joy Allen

So glad that this TV show will be coming on soon!

deloris williams

I live in chicago and Im familiar with the Bradley Family. Sometimes I wonder, how could someone just disappear off the face of the earth. Another situation, My close friend, R. Brown, her son went missing in 2008, She has informed police, and received no assistance, handed out flyers. In this city where the killing or disappearance of a africian american is unimportant..Its sad…

WM Joseph

No doubt an inexpensive production, should be affordable for TVOne, and cheaper than an actual news broadcast…

I hope that they will reunite families, or in worst case scenario provide closure for those missing loved ones.


To have a loved one dissappear is probably worse than they're dying. With death there's closure – you mourn and move on. Not knowing where they are, what happened to them, living with that hole day-to-day is painful.

I'm so glad TVOne is doing this show. I'm sure some episodes would be very difficult to watch, but these stories must be told.


Long overdue and a welcome addition to the TVOne line-up. Please, let's keep Ms. Merkerson on this show and for God sakes, please do NOT add Starr Jones. We have suffered enough!


They should make this an ongoing serial with recent cases highlighted in the show. Knowing TVOne, they probably will:) Maybe have Star Jones return to her roots and host (similar to Nancy Grace)?
Will to Live is a pretty good show too.

Darla & Mark



TVOne is really doing the damn thing! I am very proud of their network.


This is one of the best ideas I've seen for television in a long, long time. I hope people tune into this they way they tune into Unsung.

Anyone missing is heartbreaking, but to go missing and no one takes interest in finding you because you have the wrong address or the wrong skin color is devastating.


Ita, this is such a great idea. Reading that list is heartbreaking and Epatha is the perfect choice. I know a few missing cases in ny alone that never made the front page news, a White woman gets lost going to the bathroom the cavalry is sent out. It's infuriating.

Luise scott

Do you connect with brownbabiescases?


This is one hell of a great idea for a TV show. I wish I had thought of it

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