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I saw this ad and I turned off my TV. I found this ad very hateful. If it were a commercial saying "It's not for black people" hell would've broken out. Why? Because black people contain men and insulting men is the end of the world. Women are not 100% people in men's eyes, so everything concerning them is trivial and laughable. This ad is a typical product of a capitalist, patriarchal society obsessed with glorifying males.


The commercial is a joke and it's supposed to poke fun. Women of the world: stop squawking. I'm ashamed to be the same gender as you.


"@Melissa Silverstein–Why not just lighten up and grow a sense of humor; it might get you more dates! B-)"

Yet again the stereotype that feminists have no sense of humor and can't get a guy. A man has no right to tell women what they should or shouldn't find a offensive. You don't walk in our shoes and have our experiences. The advertising world is known for its sexism. This is more evidence of that.


"I mean, if you were a person of color, would you buy something with racist ads? Of course you wouldn't."

Unless, of course, some random white person condescendingly informed you the ads were just a joke (because they would know these things and you wouldn't) and then all would be well, right? Sorry, Melissa, I know I shouldn't feed the trolls!


Jesus Christ, ladies, don't get your panties tied up in a wad. It's a parody. Guys don't freak out when we see female-oriented ads about products that "aren't for men". The real joke is on any of you who took actual offense to this.
@Melissa Silverstein–Why not just lighten up and grow a sense of humor; it might get you more dates! B-)


I found out about this a while ago and have seen the ad on TV. The Facebook Page for Dr. Pepper is also littered with sexist stuff, too. I no longer buy Dr. Pepper myself. I mean, if you were a person of color, would you buy something with racist ads? Of course you wouldn't.


OK, settle down, girls. The commercial is actually aimed at women, using reverse psychology or whatever. Despite it's premise, it doesn't have anything of interest to a male demographic but speaks directly to a pop cultural female perspective on male interests. It's meant to get a rise out of women and get you squawking about it. The ad in itself isn't funny because it's only the setup. The punchline is in blog posts like this.


I saw that about a month ago and, yep, terminally ridiculous. As well, they've stolen Yorkie's tagline (! Did you happen to see Ellen Degeneres's take on the commercial?

Carrie Certa

Wow… I had to double check that I was in the 21st Century… yep, we are.


Would they make a tongue-in-cheek commercial with the slogan: Not for black people, or not for gays and lesbians, or not for Muslims or Catholics or Jews? Why is it still OK to trash women?


Really? We're assigning masculine identity to soda? It's soda!!! lol This is ridiculous.


I'm a man, and this offends me, too! I happen to like DrPepper, but they are doing a great job of ruining their brand w this "old school" mentality. I hate feeling guilty for crap other men do. Time for a change fellas! –and yes, it is recent. late 2011.


I never liked Dr. Pepper but this sexist add makes me hates it even more. I'm going to contact Dr. Pepper and sound off.


This is so disappointing. Ugh ugh ugh. I love action movies, and I love Dr. P. Or at least I used to.


I am as staunchly "anti-sexism" as you can get, but actually this ad doesn't bother me. I think because, while it obviously aims for "tongue-in-cheek," it ends up falling squarely into the "just plain idiotic" pile, and, as such, I can dismiss it — say, "Let them have their movies, their drink, and each other — who cares?" Also, the lame-ass campaign for a lame-ass product is undoubtedly going to fail — I can't picture any demographic not scoffing at this ad. Patricia, I think (not 100% positive) this is a new, current campaign.


"Only ten manly calories"—-amazing! Do you know what year this was made?

Kelly Ground

I would suggest writing directly to the company and voice your objections.

It's appaling this ad and not funny at all.

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