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Short Shout – Watch “Soap” (“Watermelon Man” In Reverse)

Short Shout - Watch "Soap" ("Watermelon Man" In Reverse)

A short shout today from a filmmaker who calls himself simply Praheme – a graduate of Howard University and Florida State Film School where he got his MFA.

It's titled Soap, with a synopsis that reads: 

A disgruntle Black man looks for salvation in a mysterious bar of soap, only to find that some problems are more than skin deep.

Watch the 17-minute short film below and share your thoughts in the comments section for the filmmaker, who tells me he's currently working on his feature film debut:

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I enjoyed it. I thought it was a good commentary on the absurdity of racism. That is why he walked throught the projects (and yes, I know projects when I see 'em…LOL) with all those negative stereotypes on display. It clearly indicated that racism was distinctly about the skin because racism is based on generalities. I thought he played the farce through the film. The only problem I had with the film was on the first day he was white and came out in a suburban neighborhood. It lost a little logic at that point. I would have liked to see the reaction of the project folks to a white man walking through the area. Regardless of my vision, I thought the filmmaker made an interesting point and finished it with you can always come home to Mom ;-)


I think the issue of racism is dealt with pretty badly in this short, although the concept might be great. It overgeneralizes and is hyperbolic, as if it's a farce, but then it tries to be satirical and poignant, but I wasn't really feeling it. EXCEPT for the moment where White Leroy starts talking like Black Leroy to his boss. I thought that was really well done, and there were other moments that were technically impressive, but to no end. I think my main issue was that the film seems super shallow when the subject matter is inherently complex. Did anyone else feel that? That's totally one of the pitfalls of directing a short though. You have to characterize efficiently and tell the story quickly, and I think this might've fallen short of the mark for me.

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