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“Snow On Tha Bluff” (Drama That Claims To “Show What Life On The Streets Is Really Like”) Acquired For 2012 Release

"Snow On Tha Bluff" (Drama That Claims To "Show What Life On The Streets Is Really Like") Acquired For 2012 Release

Sergio profiled this film in May 2011, asking if any of you would actually want to see it, based on the trailer that was embedded within the post. 

It didn’t quite catch on, but it looks like execs at Indie distribution company Screen Media Films feels strongly enough in its potential that they’ve acquired the film to release as 1 of 7 titles on its 2012 theatrical slate, which was unveiled today.

We’ll know more soon, I’m sure.

Directed by Damon Russell from a script penned by Chris Knittel and Curtis Snow, Snow On Tha Bluff’s synopsis reads:

The Story of Atlanta robbery boy and crack dealer, Curtis Snow, who stole a camera from some college kids in a dope deal and made a documentary about his life.

The question of course is whether it’s real, as in a documentary or docu-drama, or whether it’s a *fake* or a mockumentary in the same mold as those Hollywood hoax flicks like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism?

I dunno… I haven’t seen it.

Snow On Tha Bluff premiered at last year’s Slamdance Film Festival, and later screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, so I’m sure Charles Judson has seen it. Whadaya say about it Charles? :)

It’s been reported that at its Atlanta Film Festival screening, some audience members were unsure of the authenticity of a scene in which a kid puts his hands into a pile of cocaine with a razor blade in it, causing a bit of a public raucus, which lead to a police investigation.

Hmmm… fact, or all just part of the ruse?

Regardless, others will get to see it when it’s released sometime later this year. A specific date hasn’t been announced yet. 

In the meantime, watch the trailer below if you haven’t already seen it:

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I was very shocked to see something like this on tv or netflix,i could not beleive my eyes,very interesting and very shocking,i think all your black afro-american should see this documentary.

Charles Judson

It's hard to say what's real or not. It's that blurred line that drew me to program the film. I can remember popping the film in, before I knew it was set in Atlanta, and during the first few minutes thinking, "not another mockumentary," and then having that thought instantly shattered. Having grown up in Atlanta, the people and some of what happens in the film feels too close to reality.

Our last screening for the film was hands down one of the best Q&As we've ever had. Curtis and his crew were in attendance, and when one of the audience members questioned the film's nihilistic worldview, asking why the movie didn't offer any sense of hope or redemption, one of the people from the film responded. She calmly, but passionately, articulated why she felt Snow on Tha Bluff was important. For her, it was their story. A story that's usually told by others, the nightly news and Black folks who don't live there, but want to send a message, or turn their stories into just another Scarface in the hood flick.

Where we hold a majority of the Atlanta Film Festival is less than 10 minutes away from Tha Bluff, our old office was less than two miles away. To have their lives up on screen as it is, with no moralizing, was important to them, or at least her. In a city that's considered a major hub for Black folks, places like Tha Bluff aren't discussed. They are effectively invisible.

I have to say, once you meet Curtis Snow in real life, it elevates the is it or isn't question to new heights. If he's faking it, he's got to be the one of best actors in the world. That doesn't make everything that happened on screen real or not heightened, but I'm convinced that Snow and his crew really did put a lot of their life on screen and even where faked, if it was, there's still some hard truth. That's why some scenes pack a visceral punch that makes audiences uneasy. I'm definitely interested in seeing how people react to this film overtime.

Brandon Harris

This movie is fantastic. Came very close to a few significant indie film award nominations this fall. Maybe our communities answer to "David Holzman's Diary".

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