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Spike Lee Is Jet Magazine’s Cover Story

Spike Lee Is Jet Magazine's Cover Story

Like I said earlier, this week has certainly been Spike Lee Week on S & A. I've lost count how many items we've had about him this week on the site. It seemed like everytime you turned around he was there, watching you, stalking you

And next week, he's the cover story for the Feb. 6 issue of Jet Magazine which I admit is a welcome chance of pace from the usual Tyler Perry cover stories.

In the article Spike talks about his films, raising his family with two teenage kids and being outspoken:  I'm an instigator. If you ask my wife. she'd say sometimes you should shut up. But anytime I've said something, it's always been my my thinking that I'm not speaking on behalf of all African-Americans. This is my opinion."

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I'm a Spike fan… always have been…. and I don't always agree with his political takes, but he's damn-sure got the right to make'em… and to be wrong even. Sometimes you gotta get people talking even if the precept was bull-%$@#… keep doing the damn-thang, Spike!

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