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Steven Spielberg Zeroing In On ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Style Moses Tale ‘Gods And Kings’; Spring 2013 Start Eyed

Steven Spielberg Zeroing In On 'Saving Private Ryan' Style Moses Tale 'Gods And Kings'; Spring 2013 Start Eyed

Taking on a Steven Soderbergh or Woody Allen-esque workload, Steven Spielberg — who dropped two movies in 2011 with “War Horse” and “The Adventures Of Tintin” — shows no sign of slowing down. He’s already deep into his next film, the long developing dream project “Lincoln” which he’ll deliver at the end of the year and after that, he’ll shift gears and jump right into “Robopocalypse” which already has a big summer tentpole date of July 3, 2013 penciled in. But it looks like he won’t have a moment to slow down.

Brewing for much the fall, Steven Spielberg has been circling the Warner Bros. Moses movie with the working title “Gods And Kings.” Last we heard, talks had just started but Deadline reports that Spielberg is moments away from signing on the dotted line to direct. Penned by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine (the former was a co-writer on “Green Lantern” along with creating “The River” for Spielberg on ABC; and the latter is behind the stalled WB flick “Paradise Lost“) the movie is described as a “Braveheart” style telling of the story of Moses from birth to death. But if that point of comparison isn’t enough for you, the site’s source also ranks “Saving Private Ryan” as a touchstone, saying that Spielberg wants to go for gritty realism over Charlton Heston style pomp and circumstance. So yes, the guy who saw the burning bush, delivered the ten commandments and parted the Red Sea among other things is gonna be getting a whole new kind of treatment.

Should everything come together, Spielberg would get to this pretty much when he’s finished with “Robopocalypse,” sometime in the spring of 2013, with March or April as possible start dates. Bible studies will never be the same. Now the next question: who’s gonna be Moses?

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Another ovr produced waste of time a la NOAH?

Scripture is notoriously IMPOSSIBLE for two dimensional
talking image to treat.


Adam Sandler….hahaha


My guess is a proper historic portrayal of Moses as the first celebrated genocidal maniac, with Joshua as his Himmler is not what we will see out of Spielberg


Daniel Day Lewis!!! Finishes 'Lincoln' goes into 'Silence' goes into 'Gods and Kings' as Moses….does another Paul Thomas Anderson film….ok I'm finished.


Anything to put off Interstellar, right Steven.


well seeing as he was born in egypt….maybe not a white man. seriously.


Daniel Day-Lewis as Moses.


"Saving Private Ryan" Style Moses Tale… Is anyone else reading this headline and realizing how fucking retarded it sounds?


Calling it now: Christian Bale reunion!


Avatar's record is going down! The future box office champ has arrived! This may be the massive event that heralds the end of the world.


Since they've discovered that not all superheroes can be box office hits, Hollywood seems to be revisiting the era of grand historical epics with this, Aronofsky's Noah and the Rudin-Jolie Cleopatra. Looking forward to seeing what they can do freshen those up with modern VFX. And Woody Harrelson for Moses.


Time for a reunion with Christian Bale. Or Liam Neeson.


Michael Fassbender as Moses. Make it so.

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