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Sundance 2012 – “Fishing Without Nets” (Film About Somali Pirates Told From POV Of Pirates) Wins Jury Award

Sundance 2012 - "Fishing Without Nets" (Film About Somali Pirates Told From POV Of Pirates) Wins Jury Award

Yesterday evening, jury prizes and honorable mentions in short filmmaking were announced at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival (which I said goodbye to very early this morning).

Seven winners were selected from a field of 64, with the top prize, the over Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking going to a film I profiled and was excited about (but never got to see): Fishing Without Nets by director Cutter Hodierne; you remember it don’t you, the story of pirates in Somalia, told from the perspective of the pirates themselves.

I posted the impressive-looking trailer for the short film on S&A about a month ago or so, and expressed my interest in seeing it then; alas, thanks to scheduling conflicts, I had to skip the short film programmes. 

Although I’m sure we’ll all get to see it eventually; hopefully Cutter will upload it to the web so we can share it.

The Special Jury Award for Animation Direction was presented to Black Brit director Kibwe Taveres’ Robots of Brixton. You should also remember that short film; we actually posted the whole thing here on S&A on two different occasions in the last year or so.

Then rest of the winners follow:

The Jury Prize in Short Film, U.S. Fiction was presented to: The Black Balloon / U.S.A. (Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie) — The Black Balloon strays from the herd and experiences what life as an individual is like. He explores New York City in the deepest way, seeing all of its characters.

The Jury Prize in Short Film, International Fiction was presented to: The Return (Kthimi) / Kosovo (Director: Blerta Zeqiri, Screenwriter: Shefqet Gjocaj) — A man comes back from a Serb prison to his wife and son. Much has changed since he was declared missing and continuing where they left off four years ago may not be as easy as it seems.

The Jury Prize in Short Film, Non-Fiction was presented to: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom / U.S.A. (Director: Lucy Walker) — Survivors in the areas hardest hit by Japan’s recent tsunami find the courage to revive and rebuild as cherry blossom season begins. A visual haiku about the ephemeral nature of life and the healing power of Japan’s most beloved flower.

The Jury Prize in Animated Short Film was presented to: A Morning Stroll / United Kingdom (Director: Grant Orchard) — When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we are left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.

The Special Jury Award for Comedic Storytelling was presented to: The Arm / U.S.A. (Directors and screenwriters: Brie Larson, Sarah Ramos, Jessie Ennis) — In an attempt to keep up with social pressure in a technologically advanced world, Chance starts a texting relationship with Genevieve, a girl he meets at a yogurt shop.

Watch the teaser for Fishing Without Nets below:

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many of my colleagues have commented the same regarding the subs, and i've thought it very interesting as this wasn't meant to be a documentary at all rather a fiction…we know all of these guys were hired actors…film was shot on coast of kenya not somalia…why not tell these guys what to say directly?

could have been a complete inability to communicate with actors…

regardless, beautiful cinematography. well done cutter


Amazing movie, but the subtitles don't match with the spoken word….everything is totally off, i mean who did they hire as a translator


I'm a big independent movie fan. I like the trailer. Editing and sound are compelling.


What one sentence means in one language doesn't always mean the same thing if you translate it to another language in word for word. To the Somalis who are complaining about this, if you understand Somali, why read the subtitle? It is for people who don't know the spoken language.


We could say, hey, it's just a movie, doesn't matter what they're saying. But on the other hand….it's really fcked up that they're putting words in the guys mouths like that. And how the heck could a somalian enjoy the movie knowing the subtitles are totally wrong?


@blah blah, roughly — Listen, I don't want to be part of the pirates. I just want to fish. I don't want to be part of the pirates, that's around, but I don't want it.


I'm loving the cinematography.


Maybe Cutter can explain why what is being spoken is Somali is completely different than the English subtitles. But figuring that he was making this film for a non-Somali audience, maybe it didn't matter to him?

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