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Sundance 2012: Top Online Shorts “Long Distance Information” and “The Debutante Hunters”

Sundance 2012: Top Online Shorts "Long Distance Information" and "The Debutante Hunters"

All of the nine shorts Yahoo and the Sundance Film Festival have put on the web are pretty good. It’s an impressive crop, and I’d say more consistent than a lot of the stuff festivals have put online in the last year. Yet in any batch of films a few rise to the top. I’ve rounded up the other seven, and the oddly consistent problem they have. Here are my two favorites and some gushing about why I think they’re absolutely worth your time.

“Long Distance Information,” by Douglas Hart

I suppose it doesn’t reflect too well on my attention span that one of my picks is the shortest film on the list, but oh well. While it may not be excellent because it cuts out before the eight minute mark, that comparatively small running time makes the brief screenplay even more noticeably tight. There’s not a single wasted second.

Writer/director Douglas Hart’s film is one of subtle relationship shifts. That applies not only to the emotional connections between the father and son at the center of the story, but also the physical structure of the set. Are these two rooms in the same building, or are they not on the same continent? Is this a tightly-knit family, or has it been years since they’ve spoken to each other? We spend the entire film changing our minds.

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Scott Harrigan

This seems like a very interesting little film. It is always a joy to see a good independent film. Even if an Indie film is bad, people probably had fun working on it or learned quite a bite, which does make it worth it. It is just even better when even people outside of the group can enjoy it as well. With how far blockbusters and high budget films have fallen. It is nice to see films that still have heart.

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