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Fusion CI Studios

Here's a link to a Case Study for all you 'effects geeks' out there re some of the cg fluids work on GWDT opening titles. Fusion CI Studios had the privilege of working with Blur's amazing team on this and created this look at the 'making of' a few of the fluid shots.


a very on-the-nose spelling out of every nuance of thematic material. there's nothing between the lines. awesome eye candy, but way overdone, nothing left to the imagination — american/hollywood, the opposite of euro.


Don't like it. I would have preferred:
1) an original piece of music
2) bigger typeface for the names–you can hardly see them
3) shots of Stockholm/shots of Salender riding through the streets on her cycle/shots of newspaper headlines or TV news shots following Blomkvist's libel trial


As a THING, they're kinda neat. I love the song wholeheartedly. But in context of the movie I thought they were a bit weird. It felt like a James Bond credit sequence. But I mean. We're talking about CREDITS. They don't detract from a really well-made and effective flick.


I love, love, love them. Even after watching them another 10 times over the past week on YouTube. As a book reader and fan, I also appreciate the nods to aspects of Lisbeth here that we explore in later books.


They were coldly garish and over produced. Some simple type over snowy Sweden would have done the trick.

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