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The Help Wins Big at the SAG Awards

The Help Wins Big at the SAG Awards

Check out this image of the cast of the Help winning best ensemble at the SAG Awards last night.   I’m pretty sure we won’t see that many women on a stage again at the same time winning an award (at least not this Oscar season.)

Just take it in because it is beautiful.

Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis also won for their roles in the The Help.  Both made beautiful eloquent sppeches that are not about them, they are about our culture.  Other female winners include: Kate Winslet for Mildred Pierce; Jessica Lange for American Horror Story and Betty White for Hot in Cleveland.  Mary Tyler Moore received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here’s what Viola Davis said:

“the stain of racism and sexism is not just for people of color or women.  It’s all of our burden.  All of us.  And we absolutely I don’t care how ordinary you may feel all of us can inspire change.  Every single one of us”. 

Full list of winners

SAG Awards: Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer on acting, injustice and awards-season frenzy (LA Times)

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Sharon Lawrence

Viola's words stuck suck a chord in me I tweeted and repeated it wherever I could. And as for more of the stories you crave , check out Sundance BEST DIRECTOR Ava DuVernay's sites for her films MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and I WILL FOLLOW on FB and Twitter @AVADVA. She is not only an exquisite storyteller but a distributor with her AFFIRM platform. aAlso Women In Film is partnering with Sundance Institute to track the Sundance female class of 2012 to determine influence on the rest of their journey. Follow will on FB and Twitter @WIF_LosAnglels

The Questioner

Viola Davis' statement about the fight against sexism and racism being important for all people cannot be repeated enough. Someone should put it on a T-shirt and mass-produce it. The reason why Hollywood and TV are so stagnant, so bereft of ideas is because you have the same set of people telling the same tired stories they have already told before. The big studios are afraid of change, and the white men who run them are afraid of losing their power, pure and simple. But change is inevitable for humans, and as the truism goes—what doesn't change will die. Period.


Women, blacks, all the folks who have been denied access to Hollywood. All need to crash the gates so we can hear more of their stories.

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