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‘The Host’ Finds The Seeker In Diane Kruger

'The Host' Finds The Seeker In Diane Kruger

While she spent 2011 losing out on roles in blockbuster movies after testing for “Oblivion,” “Total Recall” and “Man Of Steel,” don’t weep for Diane Kruger. The actress toplines “Farewell, My Queen” as Marie Antoinette in the film which premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival next month, and not only that, she’s finally snagged a role in a brewing picture that comes with a “Twilight” connection.

Continuing her foray into Hollywood that has notably seen her star in “National Treasure,” “Inglourious Basterds” and “Unknown,” Kruger joins “The Host,” a big screen adapation of the novel by Stephenie Meyer. The story is set in the near future, where alien parasite “souls” benevolently take over the consciousness of humans. One such “soul” named Wanderer inhabits the body of a dying woman, Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), who just happens to be obsessed with finding the last group of surviving humans. Kruger will play The Seeker, who is tasked with converting Melanie, who is a rebel soldier, in the hopes of quashing the movement. Honestly, we’ve reported on this movie for a while now and we’re not sure what the fuck it’s all about. We presume the script will include lots of expository dialogue.

Even if we don’t know what’s going on the cast ain’t too shabby with William Hurt, Max Irons and Jake Abel all on board. The increasingly disappointing Andrew Niccol is at the helm, with the film set to roll soon so it can make its March 29, 2013 release date. [Deadline]

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This picture is kinda nice. Diane Kruger is a bilingual actress of German and French, meanwhile wants to prove herself in Hollywood for what. Kinda makes sense this post.


Honestly, I'd easily rather watch Unknown again as opposed to Troy.

Jaques DeMolay

NO! Why would this have to happen. The last thing I need is to suddenly become interested in yet another Stephanie Meyer atrocity. But Kruger's invlolvment threatens to quash my early resolve to avoid this movie at all costs. Wasn't Saorsie Ronan involved as well?
Anyway, I find it amusing that you mentioned the stinker "Unknown" in Kruger's credits, but not "Troy" in which she was the titular "Helen of…". Dunno, that one just seems way more memorable than Unknown, even if her turn as Helen wasn't particularly memorable.

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