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The Nightmare Continues… Producers Of “Real Housewives” Franchise Developing “Preacher Wives”

The Nightmare Continues... Producers Of "Real Housewives" Franchise Developing "Preacher Wives"

Oh Lord… help us (and I’m not even what you’d call religious; but I’m willing to become a “believer” if somehow these “Wives” reality TV shows are miraculously wiped off the face of the earth!)

The production company behind The Real Housewives of Atlanta is pairing up with TLC for a new reality TV series titled Preacher Wives.

Need  say more…?

The series will be based in Atlanta, and will follow the wives of some of that city’s prominent preachers, giving the viewer a glimpse into their public and private lives.

We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women… With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve,” True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock said.

No ETA on when the series will debut, but I bet it’ll be a hit; at least that’s what TLC expects I’m sure (this is their first Wives entry, likely inspired by Bravo TV’s half billion dollar Real Housewives franchise; yes, a $500 million franchise!! Obviously somebody’s watching, even though most folks I ask say they aren’t). 

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I cant believe any pastors wives would do this! And whats up with Atlanta?


OK they couldn't find an updated picture of the cast of ATL!! I'm just saying!!

Israel Shelom

Amen! Continue to pimp the gospel. Just make sure the production company pay they're weekly tithes!

Betty Vasquez

I really wish God's so called religious people would stop playing with Him. Tyler Perry show about the married couple would have been a wonderful show if he had took some of ghetto fab out. Now you all are messing with the church. I find anything funny about this. There are to many SOULS needing to be SAVED. If there is a television show why not donate some time or help a young girl to really know how to be come God fearing woman. I Pray the Pastor Wives of Atlanta seek God before they discuss themselves before their husband & children, please their mother and father

Miles Ellison

Future college students will be studying this era of "entertainment" in sociology classes and will wonder what happened to our culture. If there is anyone literate left after this shock and awe barrage of intelligence-sucking blackface, that is.

Me all day

This is just STUPID…..but black folk will never learn, nor will the ghetto trash white people.


Novocaine for the brain…bring it on.


Will Eddie Long wife be featured?


The polar opposite to this series is also being developed entitled Mistresses of Atlanta…SMH (And no its not a joke)


ridiculous….who watches these programs?

get these nets

actually a good idea.

even in a typical small church there is all types of drama, gossip,conspicuous consumption and other nonsense brewing

in Atlanta with all those mega churches…the nonsense factor is amplified….and I bet they will have no problem getting applicants….it's actually a logical step if you think about it.

I can already see the opening credits…..with the women all wearing the most ostentatious church lady hats ever…..

Eric Easter

"the spolight they crave" – operative words

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