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The Onion Interviews Aisha Tyler

The Onion Interviews Aisha Tyler

Maybe it's me, but I've always felt that comedian and actress (and now talk show host on CBS's The Talk) Aisha Tyler hasn't really broken out as big as she deserves.

Maybe because she an intelligent and funny, beatuful black women and that imtimidates A LOT of people. Or maybe just because that's show biz. I still think though she just one big role away from being a major star.

But in the meantime, the satrical newspaper The Onion this week had a in-depth interview with Tyler, perhaps actually the first one I've seen. In it she talks about her childhood and her life, her career and being, a she says, a "smart black geek"

And you can read it for yourself HERE

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LOL… okay Aisha just got pummelled.

My only problem is she talks too much/too fast and the stuff she says is not funny. There are funnier, more intelligent and beautiful black women out there.

That being said, she is indeed beautiful!


Aisha Tyler is not that great an actress. I've seen Aisha on Friends and some other shows and I've got to say I am not impressed with her acting. I like Aisha Tyler but I think she tries too hard to act like she is "white friendly." I think that's the term someone said about Kerry Washington and Aisha Tyler falls in the same boat. Okay, we get it Aisha doesn't want to be put into a box and stereotyped which is fair. But I also get this vibe from Aisha she distances herself from black people or wants to. It seems to me Aisha REALLY wants to crossover into white Hollywood just like Kerry Washington.
I also get this " I'm different than other black people I am not stereotypical or whatever."


"Maybe because she an intelligent and funny, beatuful black women and that imtimidates A LOT of people…" This question has been asked for the last ten years. I think Aisha Tyler would like to think this is the reason. However, I think her lack of advancement has more to do with an excessive amount of snark that defines her type of humor and interferes with her acting. SHE thinks she's funny. Most people don't don't agree. Also, the "I'm not like all those typical others" better-than smugness really turns people off who would otherwise do their best to support her efforts.


The transcript doesn't do the interview justice; I recommend listening to it…


I feel like she won't be on "The Talk" for long. In my opinion, she's much too clever for the cast of ladies there. They all come across as fake and showy and that isn't Aisha. She's real. Don't know if she and Sheryl can balance out that bunch. But critique aside, I've always liked her. She's goofy, nerdy, witty, gorgeous, beautiful and bigger than guest-spots and co-hosting, so I definitely agree she's one step away from full-on greatness…but what vehicle will propel her to that point?


I don't find her intimidating at all; she's not funny and, when she became the host of the 5th Wheel (yeah, I remember that), she made a bad show even worse. She is, however, a passable actress; right along the lines of Gabrielle Union. They actually remind me a lot of each other. Aisha is the missing link between Gabrielle and Jaime Lee Kirchner.


You are preaching right now!! *Throws church bulletin at computer screen*


She's hilarious, brilliant and talented. And gorgeous.
And a REAL geek unlike some others out there who are being promoted as "hot geek girls" who I won't mention.

Jason Jay

I don't get her appeal, I find her corny and not funny.

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