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There’s A Little Guy In The Oven: Todd Phillips Produced ‘Project X’ Has A Helluva Night In New Trailer

There's A Little Guy In The Oven: Todd Phillips Produced 'Project X' Has A Helluva Night In New Trailer

Think the guys in “The Hangover” had it rough? That’s nothing compared to what unfolds for the teens of the upcoming Todd Phillips produced, found footage style, R-rated comedy “Project X.” And from the looks of it, it’ll make Will Ferrell‘s streaking in “Old School” look positively quaint.

Made on a shoestring budget of $12 million, commercial helmer Nima Nourizadeh directs a cast of mostly unknowns (Miles Teller of “Rabbit Hole” might be the biggest one of the bunch), and this one fully wearing it’s R-rating as a badge of honor (take that Sly!). Warner Bros. is still keeping the exact details of the story under wraps, but needless to say, this is one party with enough babes and booze to last a whole summer long. And with fire, midgets and tasers, it very quickly gets way out of hand. But it has the kind of fresh energy “The Hangover Part II” was sorely lacking, so we’re definitely optimistic that this can deliver the raunchy goods.

“Project X” opens on March 2nd. Watch below. [Apple/ComingSoon]

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This looks pretty cool actually. I'm a sucker for high school party films like American Pie and House Party though. The whole found footage angle is an interesting spin.

Ryan Sartor

This looks cool, if more than a little derivative of "The Virginity Hit."

I also have an issue with the poster: There are few things less funny than animal cruelty (I know, I know, "no dogs were harmed in the making of this poster"). It still ain't funny.


That young dude holding a camera looks like a young versioin of Todd Phillips. It looks like massively unlikable, totally uncomparision with Superbad at all.


Actually, I think this looks like one of the worst movies of all time. Ok, maybe not Ed Wood awful, but down there with The Devil Inside Me, at least.


Yeah… this looks pretty unwatchable to me.


…and yet, I'm still not feeling this movie at all! Pass.

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