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Tracksuits! New Pic From ‘The Hunger Games’; Steven Soderbergh Admits He Was “Nervous” Shooting Second Unit

Tracksuits! New Pic From 'The Hunger Games'; Steven Soderbergh Admits He Was "Nervous" Shooting Second Unit

With “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” improbably inspiring a fashion line at H&M, could a branded clothing spinoff for “The Hunger Games” be far off?

EW has dropped a new pic from the forthcoming film, and it finds our leads Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson getting ready for dystopian battle by sporting some pretty swank tracksuits. A minor quibble? Those heavy looking boots don’t exactly look like they’ll be too helpful if you want to be fleet footed, but we suppose they make an interesting fashion statement nonetheless.

Anyway, that pic will have to do for now until a new trailer arrives, and with the release date now about two months away, it should be any day now (right?). Director Gary Ross has been working under an astonishingly tight timeline (filming only began late last summer) and as you might remember, he called up his pal, the always efficient Steven Soderbergh (who produced “Pleasantville” and is on the commentary for “Seabiscuit“), to help out on some second unit work.

Well, chatting with E!, Soderbergh reveals he was a bit anxious taking on the gig, if only because he wanted to make sure he delivered what Ross needed. “If I’m shooting for me, I know when I’ve got what I want,” he explained. “But I’m shooting for Gary and I knew what he wanted and what the style of it was, but I was really nervous…I didn’t hear from him for two weeks so I’m like, ‘S–t!’ And then finally he calls me and goes ‘Oh, I’m so sorry I haven’t called. I’m so happy with the stuff.’ And I was really worried, like I blew it.”

No word yet on exactly what Soderbergh shot, but second unit — traditionally, speaking — rarely ever involves working with main talent or major sequences, so it’s likely you won’t even notice his work. Which is exactly what second unit is supposed to turn out; seamless footage that helps tie the film together.

We’ll see the results when “The Hunger Games” hits theaters on March 23rd.

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Depends on the film, but 2nd unit does indeed shoot with main talent, sometimes entire scenes as well as major set pieces / sequences. I've worked on films where 2nd unit has shot more of the film than main unit, and that includes shooting with A list talent.

I agree it's not "traditional", or the way it used to be, and I doubt an auteur like Malick would work this way, but studio films being what they are with such tight schedules/budgets, it's the nature of film making today – common practice.


I wonder what Soderbergh shot on. The Hunger Games is apparently shooting in 35mm. So did Soderbergh shot on film again, his first time since Ocean's 13?

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