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Trailer Watch For “Narcocorrido” With Nicki Michaeux

Trailer Watch For "Narcocorrido" With Nicki Michaeux

Just from this brief trailer alone, this looks like it’s going to be a riveting film.

Below is the trailer for the short film Narcocorrido with Nicki Michaeux (The Shield, Lincoln Hieghts Six Feet Under) directed by Ryan Prows and produced by L. Onye Anyanwu who produced the film as her Amercian Film Institute thesis project, and who was also recently selected as the winner of the first Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer AFI award.

In the film, Michaeux plays “Naija Dillion is a Yuma county Sheriff’s deputy, an outsider and minority in her community. Gravely ill, Naija robs a notorious cartel shipment in a last-ditch scramble for survival. When the robbery spirals out of control, Naija finds herself caught up in a Narcocorrido made real.”

The short will premiere tomorrow January 13, at the AFI HBO Pavilion, at 2021 N. Western Ave, with a reception at 7PM, and screening at 8 and 9:30PM.

To RSVP go to:

Here’s the trailer

Narcocorrido Trailer 1 min from Narcocorrido on Vimeo.

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R Cage

I attended the screening for Narcocorrida, along with about 400 others! This short film has the feel of a feature. The acting is excellent and the story is strong. I've seen lots of other short films, and haven't seen one yet that makes you hold your breath and feel the characters like this one. It made me want to see more of Nicki and the other cast members, as well as more from this director, Ryan Prows. I know that he's working on a feature, so looking forward to seeing more from him soon.

Ivory Jeff Clinton

Definitely looks riveting just from the brief teaser. I didn't know about this project, so thanks a lot for the post. I've been very impressed with Nicki Micheux's acting since seeing her in recurring parts as Kenny's secretary on Soul Food and Keith's troubled sister on Six Feet Under, then in her biggest role as Jen Sutton on Lincoln Heights. I wish I could catch Narcocorrido, but a brother's all the way on the other coast and times are tough, so no can do. Lol

Anyway, I hope she's as excellent as I suspect she is in the short, and that the "right people," i.e. casting directors and others with clout in film and TV see it and give her quality roles in the near future. Someone with all her talent should be just as well-known as an actress as another Nicki is as a hip-hop star.


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