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Trailer Watch For The Upcoming Romantic Drama “Single Hills”

Trailer Watch For The Upcoming Romantic Drama "Single Hills"

Here’s a first look at the upcoming romantic drama Single Hills written and directed by Brooklyn based filmmaker Wilkie Cornelius Jr.

Based on his 2004 stage play, and stars J. Kyle Manzay, Krystal Hill, Maryam Basir and Victor L. Williams.

“The story is told from the point of view of Jay, a struggling filmmaker who toils as an infomerical director during the day. He is fearful of serious commitment and sends his longtime companion, Lisa, ambivalent messages about the status of their future. When she distances herself from their relationship. he realizes his loss and frantically pursues her until his life spirals out of control”

The film has completed post-production and will screen at the New Voices In Black Cinema Festival in New York early next month

Judging from the trailer below, it looks like a smooth, sophisticated romantic film with potential.


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Well from what i've seen so far… i would definitely check this out. Hope more people would do the same. Also hoping that more Black people would go out and support more Black movies. We tend to have this great opinion about our movies without checking them out first. Would love to see more of this movie…

Demetra Butler



Left me wanting more, can't wait to see it.


OTHER SONG I am in agreement with you. If that was a trailer above they could have done a whole lot better to try to convey the theme of the film. For a trailer we really don't need credits or stuff like that. Convey the story in the short amount to time you've got. All I got is sista shopping at expensive stores(hence the oversized bags), then sista dead with bullet in head lying on floor next to a gun. That is really not a lot to go running to my local Rave Pictures to plunk down the duckets. (Say it softly – video).

other song

looks too melodramatic for my tastes – but good looking leads, particularly the sistas.


This looks like it could be a TV movie on BET or a series.



John E Morgan

. . . thanks for reminding me . . .


I want to see this.


Niiiiice!….I cant wait to see this film!


More please! Nice to see "Deacon" from "King of Queens" in a new role!


This looks good. I definitely want to see more.

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