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Watch 7 Minutes Of “Red Tails” Now!

Watch 7 Minutes Of "Red Tails" Now!

Less than 2 weeks to go until what I suspect will be one of 2012’s most polarizing *black films* (Red Tails), which we’ve talked enough about on this site that I’m sure everyone’s well acquainted with it by now, opens wide across the country, with apparently a lot riding on its success; and not only just producer George Lucas’ $93 million investment.

I’ve seen the film; saw it last week Friday. Sergio has seen it too. BUT, like Fight Club, we aren’t allowed to talk about it :)

I expect reviews will likely start turning up online later this week, or into next week.

A 7-minute preview has been released which includes several scenes from throughout the film; it’s embedded below:

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Go see the movie, but remember that it is a movie "Hollyweird!" For your and your childrens sake, Go and Get A Book, Read The Historical Accounts Of WhatToook Place ALSO! This Is A Movie. I Don'tknow Much Bout GLucas maybe he a good human being whose heart is in the right place. Check him out to. Is he our new Black Folks Hero Overnight? How many OfUs Work For Him At LucasFilms? AndIf TheHollyWeird FolksWouldn't Finance It, Did He Go N Offer Oprah -Danny-Denzell-Magic n Some Of The Other Multi-Million and Black Billionaires A Cheance To Come In With Him Being As The Movie Is Bout Your Folks??? Jus Sayin…. This Iz The Final Hour OfDeception……. Enjoy The Movie, Only Don't Get Totallyt Lost In The………. It's A MOVIE….It's A Movie!!! Go See It………. oh and by the way who knows HOW MUCH $$$$ Black Movies Have Made For HWeird over the years? Remember how in the 70-80's they took Richard Pryors TV show from him cause they said no one was watching. Hell Black and White People Were Watching Richard!


I wish we could all be supportive of one another. Stop this ignorant self hate, self discrimination, and just support each other. "We all we got". Why would we not want to see the movie? If not for quality (amongst other nit picks), but for our own personal d*mn history? Why would we not want to expose our young children especially young "men" to this movie? Why not let them see this movie and not only learn some of their own history, but expose them to black actors getting their chance to be regarded "finally" as "The LEAD Hero". And see them as they portray little known historical heroes! I've seen where there have been posts/blogs/discussions on this website complaining of the young attractive male missing from the Hollywood spotlight for many years. Many of whom are used over and over are aging, or unattractive, past their prime, being sexless, or bungling or even placed second to the white main character. And another common complaint was where was the 30 something handsome leads and action stars. Well, here "they are" and some are refusing to support them. If we don't show a common interest in our own people/movies, then why the hell else should anybody else? Like Michael Jackson said, "Make that Change" and you can do that by starting with the "Man in the Mirror". Come on people wake up. This is the reason George Lucas had to foot the bill himself, we don't want to see ourselves, and neither does the next "insert race here" man. Who's actually paying to see these types of movies? They want to know how will they get their investment money back, and now I see why. But, we'd "all" be bum rushing the theater to see some dumb assed movie aimed at making ourselves look more like jackasses if it starred "Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, and Weezy" if she was a high classed video hoe who had to ride it out for her man Jay the local dealer and Weezy his sworn enemy in the new 2 Fast & Furious/Menace to Society II . Come on man!

I will be there to support this movie, 10 yr old male son, and 15 yr old male brother in tow!

Anthony E.

The music was terribly distracting. Extra drum machine beats that mimic Dr. Dre during the fighter pilot shots overlayed traditional battle cry anthems. Just a bit odd and off.

Reminds me of Bad Boys 2, extra scoring of Dr. Dre. Just fit the tone and manner of your picture. Do coon up the picture because you are targeting a younger black audience. Feeling, emotion and story conduct… your not attempting to create a club feel in the movie theater, well unless you are screening at the Magic Johnson Theater but thats another story.


Besides what looks in this trailer like 'Glory Comes to WWII,' I look forward to seeing this film. It's got some good actors, good filmmakers, most likely really good action scenes. I see no harm in having an open mind and giving it a chance. I don't understand how people can be so judgmental about something they haven't even seen yet.

I may come out of the theater hating it, but it will be because of the experience I had inside watching the entire film from titles to credits. Of course mass media have all kinds of questionable messages, but we should be intelligent and enlightened enough to be able to interpret what those messages mean to us, and to translate them to our young people. We certainly cannot expect Hollywood to do that job for us.


Where's YOUR 93 million for the cause?? If you can do better than what George did, then why don't you? Otherwise stop whining and HATING… and SUPPORT. #CrabsInAbarrell


well, if you can get past the idea that, yet again, a Black man will be humping a white woman to the tune of "love", and Black women will p lay second fiddle, go see this movie. We need more and more films like this to continue to teach Black male youths to hate Black women, or only see them as people to use until they can get away.

lil nut

all bullshit and divisiveness aside, GO SEE THIS FILM!


I thought the budget is 35 mil?


I really appreciate George Lucas funding this project $90million, and hiring a Black director and Black Screenwriter for the project.


I get so annoyed when people place all their hopes on a film. It's pathetic when these actors place so much pressure on the audience. Come see this movie or no one will finance another black movie EVER if we fail! This is silly and stupid. If Red Tails succeeds, it will be a plus for George Lucas' career and Hollywood will maintain the status quo with respect to black actors. If it tanks (most likely), Hollywood will maintain the status quo with respect to black actors. Hollywood has always used a different measuring stick for black films than mainstream movies. One strike; you're out. We've been out for a minute. The answer is to be found OUTSIDE OF THE HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM. Blacks overcoming racism (as the subject has typically been dealt with it) is dull and uninspired. Systematic racism exists everywhere. So what? I'm not saying that this wasn't an important story to tell. But if it's commercial appeal they're seeking, this is not the right story. This should be a cable-type affair. Why must all of our dramas be preachy history lessons?
If that 93 million dollar figure is correct, there will be a lot of tears. I'm passing on this movie.

other song

I will support this movie


I just watched George Lucas on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" explain to a white audience how hard it was for him to make this film because it's an all-black cast and none of the distributors will put that kind of money into a film with an all-black cast, period. He was very cut and dry and even mentioned how even Tyler Perry's movies are put out by a "lower distributor" who set aside a small amount of money for his films and pretty much won't go over that limit. The audience was deadly silent as they are whenever any sort of racial issue is mentioned out loud in public. I also enjoyed that he shared a little bit, the reaction of the 7 remaining Tuskeegee airmen that are alive to the movie (there were 40 when he started).


I can't say that the clips impressed me, but I have faith that the film will do will, and let's not kid ourselves, it NEEDS to do well.


Definitely going to support this film, but there is something about Terrence Howard's delivery that comes off as, I don't know…forced?


It's close enough o release that you can talk about it, I just suspect you DON'T WANT to talk about it. You'd have to give your honest opinion and you want people to go and support a movie that has black folks involved in it. If you thought it was great, you would have at least written that much.

I saw it a few weeks ago at a screening on the Fox lot. It was good, not great, but that was only due to the TV Movie quality script by Aaron McGruder. The characters were written paper thin., but are fleshed out by the charismatic cast, including and up and coming actors David Oyelowo and Nate Parker (the stars of the show and the most screen time) and veterans Terence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr (who doesn't have much to do here) and a cameo by Bryan Cranston. Ne-yo and Method help fill out the supporting cast.

The dogfights and the acting are reason enough to go see this movie. (Except Ne-Yo, he chews up the screen a bit.) But I get the feeling that instead of giving us fully realized human characters, the screenwriters were trying to create high flying superheroes in the vein of the white heroes from the serials of the 1930s and 40s. And you know what? Maybe some little black boys can stand to see that on the silver screen.


the acting seemed a little off. maybe it is just me.

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