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Watch 7 Minutes Of Russ Parr’s “The Under Shepherd” Starring Isaiah Washington + Official Synopsis

Watch 7 Minutes Of Russ Parr's "The Under Shepherd" Starring Isaiah Washington + Official Synopsis

Out initial profile of this film last fall sparked quite a frenzy in the comments section – so much that the director Russ Parr and star Isaiah Washington, both jumped into the conversation to challenge primarily the naysayers. 

And it was all inspired by a 1-minute clip from the film which no one has seen yet, save for the film’s crew and likely cast, as well as the festival directors who’ve screened it for consideration (it’ll debut at the Pan African Film Festival next month by the way, as I’ve already announced in previous posts).

But that’s good, isn’t it? A snapshot of a film generating some much dialogue/debate. It bodes well for its future I’d say. So score one for Russ Parr and company.

Its official premiere just a few weeks away at the PAFF (where I should be when it happens), a 7-minute preview of scenes from the film has surfaced, and we have the longer synopsis which reads:

Best friends LC and Roland are two young, ambitious ministers, climbing the ranks at the First Baptist Church. Coming up under the leadership of Dr. Ezekial Canon, the church’s elderly pastor, Roland and LC have dreams of becoming the predecessors of the aging pastor. But, the feeble Dr. Canon stubbornly refuses to step-down, forcing the two young ministers to make pivotal decisions that ultimately fray the fabric of their deeply-woven friendship.

The The Under Shepherd, produced by Melee Entertainment, Swirl Films, and UpToParr Productions LLC, stars the aforementioned Isaiah Washington, as well as and Lamman Rucker, Louis Gossett Jr., Elise Neal, Clifton Powell, Malinda Williams, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Keith David and Robinne Lee.

I’m just as blind as you are when it comes to what to expect from this; a few folks who are more in-the-know more tell me it’s a solid piece of work, dark and moving, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

But in the meantime, watch the series of clips in the player below for a sample of what to expect:

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Watched this movie last night or rather this morning ( Happy Resurrection Day fellow Saints!!) and am I glad I did. It is "off the hook"!!. The cast of mostly Black actors/ actresses were absolutely amazing and showcased their talents for a stellar performance. For anyone raised in a typical Black Baptist church (or any other Black church) the issues presented were difficult to watch, as the "seven deadly sins" were well represented. But the behavior during and the end results of practicing those deadly sins was the real the reason why anyone watching this film will find their own personal message. Mr. Washington was really superb as the "minister" and the overall "WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING" character; he acts, reacts and attacks the entire cast to the point that I wanted to jump thru the tv screen and kick his butt all the way to hell…one way ticket, no return fare. Check this movie out, it was on either the BET or TVOne network. Thanks for the voice. Go with God, be safe and be saved.


Where can i watch this movie?


My goodness. The cast is a dream. I'll definitely watch this.


Clips look interesting. I would check this out. Isaiah Washington is a BEAST of an actor.


Whew, Isaiah Washington is sexy… Whoooweee… Not like, here–just–in GENERAL. LOL…


I'm very much looking forward to this. I don't recall seeing corruption in the Black Church explored on film; intrigued.


Looks great.


I think someone meant "successors" and not "predecessors." ;-)


Nothing in those clips made me want to see the film. I can literally go to church and see that stuff for free and watch the scandals online. Smh.

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