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Watch Cranky George Lucas On The Daily Show

Watch Cranky George Lucas On The Daily Show

George Lucas had some cranky – but not wrong – things to say about the difficulties of mainstream distribution on The Daily Show last night. He showed up to promote Red Tails, a film about black fliers during World War II that he produced and financed and, he says, had been trying unsuccessfully to get studios interested in for years. Stewart, speaking for most of us, was kind of incredulous – George Lucas can’t get something out there?  – but Lucas, with some wit yet still in cranky-geezer mode, is worth hearing.  

He also teased Star Wars fans, luring them to Red Tails by telling Stewart, “To be very honest with you, because normally I’m not, this is as close as you’ll ever get to Episode VII.”

Red Tails opens Jan 20th.

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jeff ircink

sorry…i meant, "i don't GET where the author…"

jeff ircink

i don't care where the author gets "cranky" in describing Lucas?????? wouldn't that moniker belong to the movie studios???

Francis Agyapong Jr.

coin a term*, excuse me

Mamie McDonald

African American sons and daughters are proud to see true American Hero's, The Tuskeegee Airman and view there experiences..Thank you George Lucas, for having the heart to believe and back this extrodinary piece of American History, and to Anthony Hemmingway for Directing a true and human experience! A must see for all!!

Timmy Fong

What the ass-kisser stewart knows but won't say is setting aside Star Wars (all of them which I personally thought awful, the so-called prequels unwatchable), Lucas blows as a filmmaker so no studio wants to toss money down the toilet. If he's so confident in his film he could finance distribution as well but instead chooses to go on The Daily Show and whine.

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