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Watch: Exclusive Trailer for Sundance Hunger Documentary ‘Finding North’

Watch: Exclusive Trailer for Sundance Hunger Documentary 'Finding North'

“Finding North,” screening in the U.S. Documentary Competition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, examines why 49 million people in this country are hungry when the country has enough food.

The film, directed by Kristi Jacobson (“American Standoff”) and Lori Silverbush (“On the Outs”), premieres January 22 in Park City and we’ve got the exclusive trailer. The filmmakers also opened up to us about their film in our Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmaker series. Go here to check it out.

Watch the trailer below:


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P Joan

People who are "disgusted" by the "cuteness" of this film are living in a dream world. I live outside of Philadelphia, and see the results of what hunger does to families. If you've never been hungry, consider yourself lucky. Open your eyes & your heart. Hunger is real. It's the monster under the bed for thousands of families in your own community.


i am truly disgusted. this is not a true documentary. you can't call documentary a piece of film that wastes time glamorizing and shedding cuteness on a "character" like "barbie" (yes, call her like the doll) who has been whinning and shedding tears in front of cameras and microphones for years. stop it. it was fine the first time, perhaps the second time too. but by now the tears are phony. congrats to "barbie", she's getting good at it, she's got herself a nice little gig for life, rubs elbows with the rich and famous at the sundance while (and because) her children starve (?) and we sure will see her again in the next venue, stay tuned. shame on these manipulative antics, both barbie's and her handlers. hunger is a most serious matter that needs to be dealt with seriously. this "feel good" kind of crap is counterproductive. stop it. i find it absolutely disgusting!


THANK YOU for making this film!!


wow can't wait to see this its so heart broken but its so true happy to know others see & didnt forgot about us all we need a change omg so cant wait barbie u did wonderful mami u spoke out for all of us thank you now just all we have to do is get the word out best of luck


Can't wait to see this! We got goose bumps just from the trailer. Best of luck!


I'll watch that!

Hymie Delgado

I luv it :)

Joemar Cruz

i love it <3

Dana Perea Bloede

This looks like a important documentary; I wish it the best for its reveal at Sundance.

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